Escape: Forced Overtime (2/5★)

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Escape: Forced Overtime is a lewd puzzle game (or a “Bound girl simulator”) about a woman that finds herself in a sticky situation; caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, she must escape her bindings through a variety of situations!

Adult Content?


Hours of Gameplay?
Two or three hours.

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay: overview (2/5★)

Reach the knife in each level through movement-based puzzles to escape your restraints! Most of the stages follow two formats; one allows you to move on your feet, often times forcing carefully balanced “jumps” to reach your destination; and the other forces you to lie down, using a suite of “leg and torso control”. The latter requires a great deal of skill. There is no guessing which way to move — if you can’t properly maneuver the floors, you’ll gonna have a bad time. You have a limited amount of stamina. If you move too fast or too much the screen with spin and shake and you’ll lose nearly all control. As you complete levels, you’ll unlock new customization options for the player character. Supposedly, there are unlockable “lewds” (but I didn’t see any CGs after struggling for over an hour).

Sexual Content: overview (NA/5★)

I didn’t see any nudity or sexual-content. The main protagonist spends the game tied-up, and she sports a jiggly pair of breasts — but I whether or not there’s nipples beneath her office attire remains to be seen.

Story: overview (1/5★)

D.i.D. Games writes,

The heroine of this game was not lucky to meet with the thief when she came to work in a non-working day. Now she is tied up and she needs to find a way to free.

You may play the “intro” anytime you want (but I don’t have anything to add). However, It doesn’t make sense for the “heroine” to be tied between levels if she “the thief” doesn’t catch her. If the player-character was randomized, then it could be said “the theif” tied-up every staff member in the building — perhaps culminating to a comedic end in which she thwarts her own thievery.

Sound: overview (NA/5★)

I played this game muted, so I won’t be judging it based on sound.

Visuals: overview (3/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely animated until the camera stops and reverses — it’s not a subtle transistion. You may choose to either “Play Without Intro” or “Play” with a brief, visual-novel style cutscene. The user-interface is bleh, and navigating dialogue is annoying. Visually, Escape: Forced Overtime looks alright. The models are high-quality, and the animation is only mildly comedic. I loved the worried expression the “herione” makes when she moves. She seemed to be rather animated, despite moving as if she had stroke.

Verdict: not worth the effort (2/5★)

I can’t bring myself to beat this game. It’s just not for me, and it’s probably not for you either. If you’re looking for a fappy-fap or fun with BDSM, this is not your game. If you want any form of fast-paced gameplay, this is not your game. If you want in-depth character customization or modding support, this is not your game. The goal of the game is simple; you only need to collect the “knife” from each stage (and it’s clearly marked). However, reaching that knife is an arduous journey of mashing keys and hoping for the best. That, or learning the intricacies of a game that’s a few hours long. Even if this game interests you, you should wait for a sale.

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