Ask a Wombat! 037

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Wom_batman69 asks. . .

Would you take like $50? , please i am super fan!

DatWombat says. . .

Wom_batman69, I rely on the exclusivity of my artwork to fund my. . . everything. Unlike most reviewers on Steam, I actually have a steep overhead to contend with. To be frank, I don’t know if you’re trolling me or not. If you’re serious about making any form of media using my characters or creations, I suggest reaching out to me via another platform, perhaps via Steam. Send me your contact information; I receive hundreds of requests, I don’t bother checking them unless I know who I’m looking for. If I don’t know which is you, I’m not adding you. Fifty dollars can afford a few commissions from me (depending on complexity). Once again, I really do offer competitive rates as a 3D artist. If you can step up your budget, I can provide top-notch 3D illustrations using models just the way you like them!

Succubus (3/5★)

Succubus is a lewd beat-’em-up about a succubus on a quest to claim Hell’s throne.

Elewder (2/5★)

Elewder is a lewd roguelike about a fallen warlock that must escape the Prison of Lust to defeat the Succubus once and for all!

Fake lay

Fakelay is a lewd clicker game about a pervy taxi driver and his adult film business.

ANIME Street Fight

ANIME Street Fight is a sidescroller beat-’em-up.

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