Ask a Wombat! 050

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Winston asks. . .

What is the most annoying feature you find in lewd games you review?

DatWombat says. . .

When the lewd content is strictly relegated to “game over” screens. Adult game-overs are fine, but it’s dumb when they’re the only adult-content. When I play porn-games, I don’t want to dial-back my gamer skills (or perform any unnecessary backtracking). The worst offenders have unskippable game-overs, forcing you to reboot the application to get back into the game as quick as possible.

Cute Honey 3 (3/5★)

Cute Honey 3 is a lewd set of minigames where you must guide a stream of liquid into a jar by modifying its trajectory with a “magic pencil”.

Extended Stay (3.5/5★)

Extended Stay is a lewd management game about the “Extended Stay” brothel and “exotic” clients.

West Sweety

West Sweety is a lewd pair of minigames; included is a “rock-paper-scissors” and a dice-rolling game.

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