Ask a Wombat! 066

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nova asks. . .

with your optics, did you ever crossdress, or at least thought about it?

DatWombat says. . .

With my. . . optics? I’m sorry, I don’t know you mean by that. I’ve worn make up and women’s undergarments (including bras), but I’ve never outwardly cross dressed. I dislike socializing. The only clothes I maintain are uniforms and recreational sets, like sweat pants and oversized shirts.

Evil Maze 2 | 惡魔迷宮 2 Review (2/5★)

Evil Maze 2 is a lewd hidden object action-RPG about Suhaya’s mission to revive her friend; kicking off where Evil Maze left off, Suhaya needs your help to bring Alma back from the brink of death.

Princess&Blade Review (2/5★)

Princess&Blade is lewd, third-person action-RPG about a princess (named “Princess” I guess) and a talking blade; between her “little ass” and the blade’s “sharpness and power”, evil doesn’t stand a chance!

Venture Seas

Venture Seas is a visual novel where you battle in turn-based, RPG-eske combat and manage a ship and crew.

Uniform Girl

Uniform Girl is a lewd gallery with no particular theme (other than generic anime girls).

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