Ask a Wombat! 068

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Ryo asks. . .

Do you open to play and/or reviewing fan-translated eroge(japanese lewd games)? Those are basically pirated content thought. And what do you think about untranslated free eroge?

DatWombat says. . .

I’m open to playing anything, even if it’s technically pirated. However, my biggest concern with reviewing games outside of major publishing platforms is the possibility of viruses; I’m unwilling to run “technically pirated” adult software on any of my main computers. I still need to figure out an emulation solution to protect my equipment. I’m chill with untranslated eroge, but it’s difficult for me to review content I can’t read. I just try to have fun with Google Translate and hope I guess my way along the story.


Midsummer is a lewd hidden-object game with a hentai theme. At-a-glance (Adult) Content?(F, FxM) sexual content. Censorship?No. Woot! Woot! Hours of Game-play?Less than one hour. Modding

Daughter of Essence (4/5★)

Daughter of Essence is a lewd RPG about a woman’s escapade from the clutches of her parents, and the empire they sought to protect her from.

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