Are you a modder?

Are you interested in keeping gaming lewd? Do you know how to mod one or more games, or are you handy with a brush? Feel free to reach out to me via Google Forms. We must lewd all the games!

Tits make everything better!

Don’t evenyou know it’s true! Whether you be a gay or straight, tiddies are the bomb-diggity! Unfortunately, not every developer gets the message. . . but that’s where modders come in. Modders are the ones who pick up the slack, and show developers what we really want to see. Modders are the holy men and women who deserve our utmost praise and worship. . . like me!

You know what this game needs?

Boobies. . . with jiggle physics! When I first learned about modding Skyrim, it’s only natural that I poked around for nude mods! By golly, the idea I could strut around naked was too awesome for my teenage mind! Before I purchased adult-games (and ultimately created the Wombat Trap), my primary motivation for new games was “can I mod this game? — often with less than success.

Ai Shoujo

I haven’t actually made any mods for this game, but I have made a few characters using mods. I’d love to revisit Ai Shoujo someday, but I don’t think I’ll be modding it anytime soon. If anything, I’d be interested in making more characters. I have chosen to share my creations (due to popular demand!)

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel

If I remember correctly, Borderlands: The Pre Sequel was the second game I had ever modded. Using TexMod, I was able to switch-out the default, non-lewd textures for new and improved Borderlands-themed hentai!

Pornolands: The Pre Sequel

The goal of the Pornolands series is to inject lewd imagery into Borderlands’ environments. When I realized Borderlands: The Pre Sequel had no adult mods, I took matters into my own hands and made the first (and only) Pornolands mod. Pornolands relies on Texmod (or Umod) to override in-game textures. I tried to keep my “revisions” uh. . . “lore friendly”.

Evil Maze

Evil Maze is the first game I ever modded. For this particular title, the sprites were readily available and easy to change; for my first patch, I replaced the monster sprites with nude monster girls!

Evil Maze Monster Girl Patch

The goal of the Evil Maze Monster Girl Patch is to convert the overworld monster-sprites into attractive monster girls. As this mod is merely a modification of sprite data, it should be compatible with nearly any other Evil Maze mod out there.

Haydee 2

After an unsuccessful playthrough of Haydee 2, I got fed up with the game. I thanked my lucky stars when I discovered Edith, the modding tool packaged with Haydee 2.

Skyrim (Legacy Edition)

Skyrim never ceases to captivate me. Someday, I’d love to revisit Skyrim and mod the crap out of it! I created the “Circulated in Skyrim” (or “CIS”) framework, a non-script-based means to distribute lewd equipment in-game and rebalance gear.

Circulated in Skyrim (CIS) Patches

The goal of the CIS series is to distribute and rebalance content added by other mods. Mods that add armor or weapons don’t usually provide them to lootables or NPCs — the CIS series fixes that, and rebalances items to match vanilla counterparts. CIS patches add zero scripts to your game, leaving room for your favorite lewd mods. Automated methods of distributing gear will not rebalance them, and though flexible provide less than perfect results (for vanilla-style gameplay).

Circulated in Skyrim (CIS) NPCs — Incomplete

The goal of CISNPCs is to add new characters side-by-side with the CIS Series. CISNPCS uses strictly vanilla content to add variety to your game, such as new Bandits or Vampires. CISNPCS grants increased flexibility to what the CIS patches can do, such as splitting items into gender-specific spawns. Like CIS patches, CISNPCs are designed specifically to be as compatible as possible with all games.

Lolirim — No Progress

The goal of Lolirim is to convert all characters of Skyrim into smols! In theory, this could be accomplished by reducing everyone’s scale ten or fifteen percent, and with some creative use of Bodyslide. Lolirim would replace the faces of female characters with younger-versions, making everyone uh. . . eighteen! Lolirim would be suitable for vanilla-style installations running UNP/UUNP body types.