Top Shoot-’em-ups with Consenting Sex

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Epido is a solid shoot-’em-up that’s suitable for newcomers and veterans of the genre alike. However, this game demands some competency; even with power-ups and forgiving combat, you’ll die in a heartbeat if you’re not prepared for bullet hell. I wish the unlockable artwork was a little stronger, but the art team did a wonderful job on this game.


Subverse is an ambitious game with mediocre gameplay. The gameplay is slow and monotonous, and the grind is kinda real. Once you’ve played a few combat missions, you’ve basically seen everything the game has to offer. I got bored after a few hours. By far, Subverse’s story is one of its biggest strengths. I understand this game was stupidly hyped — quite frankly, I’m not impressed.

DatWombat, review for Subverse

Star Girls

Star Girls is a generic, cheap “swippy-swappy” puzzle, though slightly better than a lot of the competition.

Amazon Girls

Amazon Girls is a third-person beat-’em-up about an amazonian defending her people from the evil Trations!