Epido (4/5★)

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Epido is a lewd strip-’em-up about a cupid with a newfound power; she is able to make anybody super horny (and she’s all too eager to abuse it!)


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay (5/5★)

Shoot everything that moves — and strip anything with tits! Each boss has five health bars; as they are depleted, she will lose another article of clothing, and her attacks will become more aggressive. By collecting coins, you’re able to power-up your attacks and gain new abilities. If you’re ever stuck, you can grind for coins and bulk-up! Once every level has been completed, you’ll unlock “Arcade Mode”. In this mode, you’re required to beat every boss in order — for the lewds!

Epido – Second Move [DLC]

This DLC adds six new levels; the base game offers seven.

Story (3/5★)

The story is told via four slides (and I’m still clueless). There’s this rad boy-cupid, and he doesn’t want anything to do with some cute lady-cupid. I. . . I guess he’s gay? She’s pretty bummed out, and he feels kind of bad. He coughs up his cupid bow, granting her the power of love. She may not get the boy, but she can have anyone else!

Visuals (5/5★)

The titlescreen looks great! The on-screen waifu is animated (and mildly interactive!) The user-interface is delight to see. Audio, control and gameplay preferences can be adjusted from “Settings”. Unlocked CGs can be viewed from the “Collection”, but the user-interface can’t be hidden. Graphical preferences can be adjusted from the Unity preboot menu. You’re able to switch between keyboard or mouse control — if you choose the latter, the game will be easier. Some bosses have attacks that alter the usage of your keys (but they have no effect when using the mouse).

The Goods (3/5★)

There are sixteen animated CGs to unlock. Each character has a nude portrait, and a sexual animation. The portraits are the same as what are used in-game (during boss fights). The sexual content is unlocked whenever you gain maximum “affection” for any character. I loved the artwork, and the animation is generally high-quality. However, I was able to spot visual errors here and there. There are no backgrounds, climaxes or worthwhile interactivity.

Epido – Second Move [DLC]

This DLC adds thirteen new unlockable CGs (in the same vein of base content).

Removing Censorship

To uncensor the game, you’ll need to enter Epido‘s core files and locate a file called “Cover.png”. This file is an image of a cat — left untouched, the good stuff will be blocked by this dreadful kitten. The file may appear in the following address:

[Drive Letter]:\Steam\steamapps\common\Epido\Epido_Data\Cover.png

Verdict (4/5★)

I definitely recommend this game! Epido is a good game for newcomers to the shoot-’em-up genre. Not only are you able to sustain multiple hits, but there are a number of upgrades (such as homing attacks) that’ll make the game a whole lot easier. However, if you really suck, this game is not for you. To unlock the full gallery, you’re gonna have to work for it. There’s no “skip” button. If you play on the easiest difficulty setting, you’ll have to beat every boss five times to unlock their respective CGs — and you’ll have to beat them all (in their prime) in a row to unlock the last few images. But on the brighter side, if you get too heated, you can always “let off some steam” between bosses!

Epido – Second Move [DLC]

Absolutely worth the money; this DLC basically doubles the number of CGs and levels to play and unlock.

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