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Space Runner – Anime is a 3rd-person shooter about five women against the world.


(Adult) Content?

Not applicable.

Hours of Gameplay?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Not applicable.


I received a free copy of this game from the developers. Thanks Seito Games!


Shoot baddies and reach the objective! The goal of each level is to kill a certain number of enemies and reach a designation. In the first two levels, you are joined by four teammates. They will closely follow you and engage hostiles. They are a force to be reckoned with — but they aren’t very durable, and they aren’t immune to friendly fire. You have three guns to choose from, with limited ammunition. As long as you keep an eye out, running out of ammo shouldn’t be a concern. In the final stage, you lose all of your teammates, but you gain a stupid amount of ammunition. You’ll never have to let go of the trigger!

I feel like Seito Games only added friendly AI to impress me — I love having teammates!

Space Runner – Anime needs some serious work. The only gun worth using is the machine gun. I would have loved to see the shotgun have a “knock back” effect, or deal a tremendous amount of damage (at the risk of being up-close). I think the sniper rifle would benefit from a “headshot” mechanic, encouraging skillful usage. The enemies need to be better at detecting the player — it’s not hard to shoot them outside of their engagement range. With only three stages, I also think there needs to be more content. I enjoyed fighting beside my comrades; but that fun was short-lived.

I think the game might benefit from “cheats” to adjust player and NPC stats — like making teammates invincible!


Following the events of World War Three, the world has been left in ruins. The wealthy have long since abandoned the planet; all that remains are the poor. Among the poor are five waifus that make a riot. . . because uh, why not?


I liked how the titlescreen includes the whole cast, though it looks cheap (and I can’t help but wonder, how are they breathing in space?) The user-interface is clean and presentable. However, there doesn’t appear to be anyway to adjust user-preferences (such as audio or display settings). This game caused my PC to get really hot — if I can run Borderlands 3 at maximum settings with virtually no stutters, I should be able to play Space Runner – Anime without my PC throttling!

During the second mission, I saw a jarring visual error — my team gained a bad case of jaundice!

The Goods

There is no nudity, but each female character wears a super skimpy “combat” outfit. . . I approve! I’m curious if a nude patch will be released; when I shoot space cops, I wanna be naked!


Wait for a light sale or updates. Space Runner – Anime is one of the better memewares that I have played, but I think it’s too flawed in its current state. Enemies are dumb as bricks, and guns have no impact. There is no incentive to use anything but the “machine gun”; you’d have to be a fool to use the shotgun or the joke that’s the sniper rifle! With only thirty-minutes of content, there isn’t much to see. I feel as though there needs to be more than three levels (or at least a form of “endless mode”.) If you enjoy memeware and Space Runner – Anime looks interesting to you, I’d keep an eye on this game!

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