Top Swippy Swappy Puzzles with Consenting Sex

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What if your girl was a frog?

What if your girl was a frog? is a great game; it’s a cromulent, entry-level swippy-swappy experience with great artwork and high overall polish. If you’re an achievement hunter, you’ll be delighted by the easy and adorable prizes that await. I can’t believe Hunny Bunny Studio is still selling games of this caliber for a buck — I definitely recommend.

DatWombat, review for What if your girl was a frog?

Moloko (1/5★)

Moloko is a lewd jigsaw game with an assortment of generic babes.

Robolife-Days with Aino (4/5★)

Robolife-Days with Aino is a lewd dating simulator about Otaru’s android Aino, his ticket to graduation (and maybe more!)