Black Smith3 (2.5/5★)

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Black Smith3 is a lewd point-n’-clicker about a blacksmith and his budding relationship with Lily, his local prostitute.

Adult Content?
(FxM) sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Four or five hours.

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free copy of this game for review purposes — thanks XXIV!

Gameplay: overview (2/5★)

Time button presses to grind for money to visit your girlfriend! Throughout the week, you are visited by clients and merchants. They’ll ask you to produce or mend assorted equipment. With every swing of the hammer, you’ll earn “Job Experience” (which is responsible for how much you’re paid!) The minigame associated with fulfilling orders is not unlike a rhythm game (if it didn’t have a rockin’ sound track and if there was only one button). You click the mouse whenever the hammer hits the anvil — that’s at least a third of the game. Between work, you’re encouraged to visit the “store” to hook-up with your favorite prostitute. Through repeated visitation, you’ll unlock new sex-scenes and dialogue that’ll occur at random intervals. She’ll even visit your home, encouraging you to “do your best!” There’s a food mechanic, but it’s more annoying than fun. You’ll either have to spend restocking, or get good (and lucky) at fishing. Fishing isn’t unlike swinging the hammer — when a fish bites, you have to click right away (and again if he’s stubborn!)

Sexual Content: overview (3/5★)

Through repeated orgasms, you’ll gain more “Sperm” and “Sexual Experience” (or “S_Exp”). Sperm dictates how many times you’re able to orgasm per sexual encounter, and Sexual Experience affects your ability to make Lily orgasm. Lily’s a tough nut to crack (LOL), so you’ll need to grind for experience whenever possible. There are a handful of interactive, animated sex-scenes. On most days, you may spend your money at the “store” to pay Lily a visit. It’s best to stick to blowjobs until you gain enough sperm and sexual experience to offer Lily orgasms (otherwise, you’re only wasting time and money). The artwork and animation are decent, but some people may find Lily a little uncanny. I hated the excessive visual effects that play during orgasms — I wish they were toggleable. When having sex, you’re typically able to adjust the speed or toggle between variations (until you’re forced to orgasm!) During my playthrough, I saw four different sexual situations. Depending on your relationship with Lily, she’ll seductively swallow your load!

Sexual Content: wombat rants

After repeatedly cumming inside Lily (even though she explicitly said not to), I found it funny how she begs you to fill her up until the next orgasm. You can’t say “fill me up” and follow up with “cum outside” — that should be a war crime! Seriously though, if Lily tells you not to do something, you should definitely listen. When I left the store, her “Feelings” were negative! I lost a few hours of progress simply by not following her instruction. If you cum inside a real girl when she asks you not to, you’re an asshole and you probably deserve to have “zero feeling”. But Lily is not a real girl, and I somehow doubt Black Smith3 is intended to be a “wholesome” or “true-to-life” experience. I guess I could have reverted to a previous save, but I try to avoid doing so (and I shouldn’t be encouraged to).

Story: overview (2/5★)

I named the (unnamed) protagonist from Black Smith2 “Smithy”. After the local blacksmith up and left (for reasons unknown), ol’ Smithy moved into his shop. Soon, the town regarded him as the new blacksmith, and he took the part in order pay his bills. At his favorite hangout (or the shady “store”), he falls in love with prostitutes. His latest crush is Lily, and she’s eager to get paid (and laid!)

Sound: overview (3/5★)

Not gonna lie, the titlescreen sounds like fucking horror; it sounds like it belongs to some kind of black-and-white, sped-up footage with weird and depraved content. It’s a combination of crackling fire, bits of voice and warped mechanical sounds. It sounds like a lonely spot in the middle of nowhere, beside an industrial park. Otherwise, the background music and ambient sounds of the game are acceptable. They’re nothing special. I wish there was more variety. . . but I can deal with them. I ended up playing my own music.

Visuals: overview (2/5★)

The titlescreen is okay. There’s nothing like an anvil to say “blacksmith”, but it appears to be off-centered and crowded with the main-menu. Language preferences can be adjusted from this screen. Audio can be adjusted in-game via “Config”. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to borderless the full-screen the application. The user-interface is not always clear. Sometimes you’re allowed to click on buttons, sometimes you’re not. The save system is a little convoluted; there are two kind of saves, one of which intended to minimize conflicts when updating the game. I’m sure there’s a good reason, but it’s weird. If updating is such a big issue, maybe saving should be restricted to “safe points”. Interestingly, this application strained my PC. Black Smith3 seemed to cause the most stress during sex-scenes (I guess those stupid heart effects are taking full advantage of my GPU’s raytracing capabilities, eh?) What’s weird about this game is how uncanny the artwork is. The artwork appears to be a collection of heavily modified photographs (which offer mixed themes, from “retro fantasy” to “horror”). Female characters are nicely animated, but nobody else. You’d think after three games, XXIV would have the budget for better graphics. I guess mister “Smithy” wasn’t the only one who spent all of their money at the “store”.

Verdict: slow and steady, not so sexy (2.5/5★)

I didn’t like this game very much. Black Smith3 is a slow game with little variation or meaningful dialogue. After an hour or two of gameplay, I started holding down the “CTRL” key to skip dialogue and sex-scenes. After accidently cumming inside the heroine, she lost all of my “feeling” for me (reverting hours of grinding — I swear it was an accident!) Soon afterwards, I decided to quit the game. I wasn’t having much fun anyways, I needed an excuse to play another game. As I played Black Smith3, I couldn’t figure out what made it different from Black Smith2. I honestly thought I was playing the same game! It wasn’t until I read my review for Black Smith2 I was able to figure out the differences; it appears the female protagonist changes between titles, but the core gameplay remains the same. This is really bad, because the “core gameplay” is boring. There needs to be more variety in this game. I spent hours mashing the mouse and rewatching sex-scenes. They became so repetitive, I wanted to skip them — but I knew they were directly tied to the story. Unfortunately, this game is at least five-times more expensive than it should be. For twenty-dollars, I think Black Smith3 is a grossly over-priced game with dragged-out “story” and “gameplay”. It needs a lot of work before it’s worth sinking your teeth into.

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