Tag: Prostitution


Insexsity is a lewd side-scroller about Kate and her dream to own an apartment (which will certainly require her to cast away her innocence.)

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Succubus Hotel

Succubus Hotel is a lewd RPG about two unlikely companions, and the debt they must pay by the end of the month.

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Black Smith2

Black Smith2 is a lewd resource management game about a young blacksmith and his prostitute girlfriend.

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Kozue’s Strange Journey

Kozue’s Strange Journey is a lewd RPG about a group of friends and their investigation of a recent string of abductions. At-a-glance (Adult) Content?(F, FxF, FxM) Sexual content. Censorship?No. Woot! Woot! Hours of Gameplay?Seven or eight hours. Modding Support?No. Patch Available?Download from

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Paladin Lias

Paladin Lias is a lewd RPG about a not-so-innocent paladin that must cough up her goodies to save her church.

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