Extended Stay (3.5/5★)

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Extended Stay is a lewd management game about the “Extended Stay” brothel and “exotic” clients.

Adult Content?
(F, FxF, FxM) sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Two hours.

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free, early access copy of this game for review purposes — thanks Hearts Club!

Gameplay: overview (3/5★)

Manage and hire employees to satisfy guests’ sexual needs! Each guest has a randomized set of “desires”, and each employee has randomized “traits”. Your staff has a limited number of “uses” (or “services”) each day. To maximize their effectiveness, you’ll want to try to match their traits with guests’ desires; the amount of money you earn is directly correlated to guest “satisfaction”. Money is an essential resource to pay the ever-increasing “rent” at the end of every month. By increasing your “amenities” and “rooms”, you’ll be able to accept more guests or hire more staff. Staff aren’t free, so it’s important not to over-extend (especially when rent and “employee wages” are due). As you employees gain additional “services” through experience, increasingly difficult guests will pay them a visit. Ultimately, you’ll be able to build a “Strip Club”, which allows you to delegate staff to produce passive income based on experience. You may need to lay-off underperforming staff to cover a broader of spectrum of “desires” or “species”; humans aren’t the only ones good for service! As you crew bond by working together, they’ll be happy to uh, “service” each other — woot! Woot!

Sexual Content: overview (3/5★)

There are “16 Fully interactive sex scenes.” The term “fully interactive” is a pretty big stretch, but they do offer some interactivity. Characters will move based on the position of the mouse cursor, filling up one or more “climax” bars. Some positions offer an “auto” mode, an appreciated feature when you just want to enjoy the show. You may choose between the “point-of-view” (from the “guest”) or a free camera. The point-of-view mode is a wonderful addition, but it seldom offers satisfactory results. Often times, the view doesn’t show the important bits, and each sexual-animation is only a short loop and climax. The climaxes are alright, but I did spot a little bit of texture-scratching. I wish there was more variety between animations, such as spreading legs or changing positions. It’s the little things that make sexual content feel more alive! The characters don’t always look in the right direction; they usually stare-off into space, as if they were lifeless dolls. There’s no moaning or voiced lines (but the naughty squishing sounds are pretty hot). There’s maybe four lesbian animations, one solo and seven male-on-female. Masculinity is poorly represented; the guests are a lovely selection of women, futas and “femboys”. I thoroughly enjoyed the randomized body-types and monster-girls that comprised each scene. It’s great to see your characters work-off their “employee wage” with each other (especially with the aid of “point-of-view”!)

Story: overview (2/5★)

You’re the new owner of a luxury brothel, “Extended Stay”! Catoring to “clienteles’ every desire”, it’s up to you to keep its doors open.

Sound: overview (3/5★)

The music isn’t bad, but there’s only a few tracks (and they’re pretty short too). The music that plays during gameplay sounds like something I’d hear in a menu or shop while playing some sort of fantasy JRPG. After ten or fifteen minutes, it became somewhat grating. I took off my headphones, only to put them on to “test” the sex-scenes. I was disappointed by the lack of voicing in the game, but I enjoyed the clean (but very obscene) audio as genitals were pressed together. There aren’t even moaning sounds!

Visuals: overview (3/5★)

The titlescreen is a little difficult to read, but it looks great. the animated background is stylistically and canonically appropriate. From “Settings”, you may adjust audio, display and graphical preferences. There is no gallery, but you may view any sexual animation in-game provided you have one or more appropriate characters with high enough experience. Unfortunately, the user-interface can’t be hidden. Making matters worse, the interface seems to be intentionally designed to be as much of an impediment as possible; when viewing sex-scenes, assorted decals will block your view, sometimes even clipping into the models. It’s kind of hard to “get into” a point-of-view when there’s instructions plastered on the screen. Otherwise, the user-interface is generally a pleasure. It looks great, and barring difficult-to-read text I have no complaints. It looks clean and professional (although the scrollbars are a pain to “grab”).

Verdict: needs more content I guess (3.5/5★)

I genuinely enjoyed this game (until I started progressing!) Starting off, you’ll only be able to afford a few staff members. It’s easy to keep track of their strengths and weaknesses, perhaps even knowing them by name. Once you unlock the “Strip Club”, you may bulk-purchase staff members to fill-out the club and continue the game with your favorite crew. As your progress, it’s difficult keeping track of everybody. At some point you’ll have so many employees you won’t bother comparing “desires” and “traits” — all you have to do is spam the “service” button, regardless of effectiveness. At some point, your employees becoming nothing more than a designated number of clicks. Thanks to the ever-increasing “rent”, you’ll have to employ more staff sooner or later (I had forty-five). After an hour or two of gameplay, I stopped having fun. Playing “as intended” doesn’t work when you have more than five employees. The gameplay doesn’t change from start to finish — it just becomes more tedious. Once you’ve played five minutes of Extended Stay, you’ve played five hours. I think there needs to be a wider variety of content to break-up the monotony, and “rent” should be static. There should have never been more than five unlockable employees — at least give us the option to run a “mom and pop” brothel!

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