Yuzi Lims: Puzzle (2/5★)

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Yuzi Lims: Puzzle is a lewd swippy-swappy puzzle game with assorted artwork.

Adult Content?
(F) nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Forty-five minutes.

Patch Available?
Not necessary.

Gameplay: published November 27th, 2021 (3/5★)

There are twelve puzzles to solve of varying, non-adjustable difficulty. Not unlike a jigsaw puzzle, you must rearrange tiles to unscramble an image. Once an image is unscrambled, all versions of that image are unlocked in the gallery (in other words, you don’t have to solve three versions of the same piece for one-hundred percent completion). I couldn’t be bothered to count the pieces, but I found that most of the puzzles only took me a few minutes to complete.

Sexual Content: published November 27th, 2021 (3/5★)

Though the gallery is stylistically similar (suggesting a single artist), the quality differs from CG to CG (suggesting they weren’t commissioned specifically for the game). The artwork is decent — any of the twelve (base) CGs from the game would make a nice background for your desktop. Unfortunately, there is no sexual content or “artbook” DLC for sale.

Story: published November 27th, 2021 (1/5★)

There is no dialogue or even a consistent theme. It appears Yuzi Lims: Puzzle could be anyone’s “OCs”.

Sound: published November 27th, 2021 (1/5★)

There’s one piano piece to get you through the game. There are no sound effects whatsoever.

Visuals: published November 27th, 2021 (3/5★)

The moment I booted the game, I knew I was in for another cookie-cutter puzzle game; the titlescreen and user-interface are no different than most of the shovelware dumped on Steam. At least it’s functional — it’s easy to toggle between nude and non-nude images in and out of gameplay, and the gallery is competent. I wish nudity could be toggled in-game without resetting progress; removing the subjects’ clothes provides clues while piecing together the increasingly complicated puzzles. The user-interface can be hidden at any time, but the moment you click again it comes back. That’s fine for the gallery, but it’d nice if the user-interface could be hidden while playing the game. Overall, the game seemed a little blurry — it’s as if it were made for smaller (1280 by 720?) screens.

Verdict: published November 27th, 2021 (2/5★)

Unless you’re an achievement hunter, I don’t think I can recommend this game to anyone. The artwork and gameplay are generic and unremarkable. The blurry content keeps me from recommending this game even if only for the art. For two dollars, Yuzi Lims: Puzzle is an awful deal; achievement hunters, wait for a sale.

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