Lily’s Handmaid

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Lily’s Handmaid is a lewd visual novel about a woman’s (involuntary) servitude to royalty.


(Adult) Content?
(FxF) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
Five hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I played this game on release, I was disappointing by the distinct lack of sexual content. Since I published a review for this game, new content has been added to the game. My review does not reflect any outstanding updates.


. . . in a nutshell

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out the shell. . .

There a few different endings to attain, and a little over twenty player choices. Most of the choices did not feel very weighted, and I doubt that they had a significant effect on the ending. . . but I could be wrong. The story is extremely linear.


Our journey begins with a softcore porn: Sarah, a handmaid in training, is enjoying a sensual moment with Olivia, maid-steward of the Duskheart Family. She’s learning how to kiss, to please her mistress’ sensual desires. Not only that, but she’s to hone her martial magic skills, to serve as her bodyguard. A handmaid is a mix between a cleaner, a combatant and an escort.

Huh. Where’s my handmaid?

As it turns out, Sarah’s in a bit of a pickle: her mother stole (or “borrowed”) a large sum of money from the Duskhearts, an ultra-wealthy (and super shady) family. Melissa Duskheart explains that she intended on selling Sarah’s soul, but her daughter, Lily Duskheart, insisted that she didn’t. Sarah is an exceptional fighter, having bested Lily many times in martial magic duels. Lily wants her to be her handmaid, a lifelong guardian and servant. Between losing her literal soul and being a “domestic servant”, she picks the latter option.

If “domestic servitude” means royal treatment for the remainder of my life. . . where’s the nearest rich ‘n shady family?

After a mean kissing session with Olivia, Sarah meets Teal. She’s a seamstress, and she provides Sarah with her new uniform (and spits out some exposition). They take a tour of Sarah’s new home, where they meet Katherine Goldbloom, an avid cook and gardener, and Rie, a furtive and mysterious lady. Lily’s harem (erm, staff) is a small one, the smallest of the Duskheart family. Did I mention that the Duskhearts are filthy rich? Everyone shares a bath together, and they have a gay ol’ time. When nightfall arrives, Sarah is directed to Lily’s room, where’s she expected to spend the remainder of her nights.

As a handmaid, she’s a bit like a wife. . . minus the freewill and monogamy.

She wakes up with Lily’s arms wrapped around her. They become better acquainted with each other, and Lily learns of Melissa’s terms (regarding Sarah). After some careful consideration, she has determined that Sarah is fit to bear Lily’s (or any of her offspring’s) babies. Melissa expects Sarah to learn how to become a competent handmaid, and to demonstrate her combat prowess against an elite fight β€” Teal. Not only that, but Sarah must pass one of the most prestigious magic universities, and push her limits as a spell caster.

Hang on here. Lily (a lady) is going to impregnate Sarah (another lady). Is this why. . . men don’t exist in this universe?


The title-screen was a clean and pleasant sight, and so was the user interface. Audio, display and text settings can be adjusted from “Options”. In the “Gallery”, (previously encountered) CGs can be reviewed, with all of their variations. The scenes that accompanied them, however, cannot be reviewed.

The Goods

The CGs were beautiful. I loved the art style, and I was saddened by the lack of CGs, especially of the sexual kind. Many of the CGs are used time and time again, a cheap tactic that I find jarring.

. . . expect female nudity and female-on-female sexual intercourse.


I recommend this game if you want a cutesy lesbian read with lots or kissing. If you want a steamy lesbian read, you’re gonna want to pocket your moneys. . . you’re wasting your time.

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