Miss Neko

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Miss Neko is a lewd swippy-swappy puzzle game with a “neko” theme.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as DLC.


I originally published a review for Miss Neko on November 12th, 2019. I have updated that review, to reflect my thoughts on this game as of September, 2020.


Miss Neko is a standard swippy-swappy puzzle game with an rock-paper-scissors minigame. The puzzles range from sixteen to eighty pieces. After each puzzle you will play two rounds of rock-paper-scissors-strip, where every win unlocks another sexy CG. There is no strategy whatsoever, so it’s best to spam-click to win. I’m not sure how one would include strategy in a virtual rock-paper-scissors game, but its only redemption is the part where the girls goes naked.

Hey, who wants to start the first rock-paper-scissors strip! tournament?


There is no story (and I’m not making one up).


The titlescreen looks great! From “Option” you can adjust audio, display, and language preferences. You can review unlocked CGs from the “Album”. When viewing CGs, it’s easy to navigate between entries in the gallery. Unfortunately, the user-interface cannot be hidden.

The Goods

There are fifteen base CGs to unlock, which are responsible for thirty static images and fifteen (non-interactive) animated pieces. The art and animation is awesome, though it’s a real shame they can’t be viewed without the Album interface. Most of the CGs feature a single neko girl, but there are a handful involving another woman (or tentacles!). I thoroughly enjoyed the emphasis on dripping wet lady bits.


This game is absolutely worth a purchase. When I first purchased this game, I passed it off as another generic puzzle game. Miss Neko is honestly a gem among adult swippy-swappy games. There are a few things that I’d like to see (such as an improved “Album” or interactivity), but one USD Miss Neko is truly a steal.

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