Lovely Fox

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Lovely Fox is a third-person, open-world game about a fox on a quest to gather the “special flowers” for the Flower King.


(Adult) Content?
Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Hours of Gameplay?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Not applicable.


After publishing my review for Lovely Fox, the developer notified me that the game had been reworked to accommodate more PCs. As of January 6th, 2021, I have decided to revisit this title. I have regrets.


Go on fetch quests and platform to collect “special flowers”. Though Lovely Fox has a large playing area, there are only a few spots used by the game. The bulk of the gameplay is going from “A” to “B” until reaching the (incomplete) ending. There are a few sections where you’ll have to platform (and the controls are awful, awful!) The play character slips and slides as though her feet are slathered in oil. Is that why her feets are black?


Lovely Fox is a friendly fox and helpful granddaughter. She helps her grandpapa and neighbors with their troubles, such as fetching water or collecting rogue, sentient plants. However, Lovely Fox also has her eyes set on a special prize. The Flower King has a hankering for five special flowers. Spoiler alert — nobody gets the special prize!


The titlescreen is nicely arranged, but not very attractive. The developers still haven’t implemented a means to adjust user-preferences. The game still overheats my computer, though not nearly as bad as it used to; when I first played Lovely Fox, I was only able to play the game for maybe five minutes before it turned into a lag fest. If you’re interested in Lovely Fox, I strongly recommend using a FPS limiter to preserve your hardware. Overall, the visuals are still terrible. On the brighter side, there’s jiggle-physics — say what you will about the weird furry models, but I love jiggle-physics!

The Goods

Each female character (including the player character) sports a massive, jiggly rack. Everyone appears to be naked, but there is a lack of genitalia and nipples. I saw some suggestive images here and there, but I wouldn’t call this an “adult game”. . . but I wouldn’t suggest giving it to your kids.


Stay far, far away from Lovely Fox. What a terrible game — to think the developers had the nerve to encourage me to play again. They reached out last year, in 2020. It’s been months since they commented on my original article, and the game doesn’t even have an ending. The controls are awful, and the gameplay is mind-numbingly boring. There were numerous times I held the “walk” key and turned my attention to another screen. I’m disappointed in the time I have wasted on this game. I hope today will be the last time Lovely Fox will grace my screen.

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