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Buy ANIME WAR – Modern Campaign is a third person shooter about fighting generic terrorists.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

No genitalia.

Hours of Game-play?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Steam.



This article is pending review. It is either incomplete, out-of-date, or I feel the need to disclaim my shame for a something Iā€™m not proud of.


. . . in a nutshell

A bare-basic third-person shooter.

out the shell. . .

This game is a third person shooter. There are a total of three missions to complete. You are equipped with (up to) four weapons, each sporting different accuracy, damage, magazine sizes, and rate of fire. You can also throw grenades, which arc and boast a blast radius. You are given a generous amount of ammo, so feel free to tag ‘n frag to your heart’s content. If your hit-points reach zero, you lose the mission. So try not to get tagged yourself. They regenerate over time, so it’s worth taking your time between encounters.

The enemies aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, so it’s best to bait ‘n snipe them.

There is also a stage where you get to use a jet. The controls are awful, and can’t be adjusted. Once I figured out the (suddenly) inverted controls, I managed to scrape through (with a lot of luck.) Controlling the plane requires careful movement of the mouse (up and down and side to side). To be fair, it’s not the worst controls once you get used to them, but without a tutorial it’s a bit of a shock getting used to them.


You play as Captain Sakura, a member of the Hentai 6 Battalion. She and her allies are shootin’ up terrorists in the middle east. That’s your story.


The title menu is very serviceable. It sports an attractive (though low poly) animated background. You can start a new game, adjust options, view credits and exit the application. The “Option” screen is well fleshed out, allowing you to change a variety of audio and visual settings. You can also adjust (only some) your controls. The “Credits” screen is a joke, featuring nothing more than the name of the company (behind this title). Whether or not “Nudity Mode” is active is displayed at the top of the title menu. This mode is accessed via Steam DLC.

The visuals as a whole appear to be asset flips, from some mysterious Unity store and/or the developers’ other works. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the featured anime girl across many titles.

The Goods

If you buy the DLC, you’ll get to see some bare, asset-flipped boobies. Nothin’ to see here.

. . . expect female nudity.


I strongly disrecommend this game. This is one of the worst airplane/third-person shooter games I have played before. If you’re looking for something remotely fun, don’t waste your hard-earned money here.

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