Findom Simulator

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Findom Simulator is a lewd-themed clicker game about extorting men for money.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I originally published a review for Findom Simulator on Feburary 26th, 2020. I have updated that review, to reflect my thoughts on this game as of September, 2020.


. . . in a nutshell

A below average clicker game with missed potential. Collect money and purchase “cash pigs” until the game ends (or in the case of “Endless Mode”, until you get bored.) There is no gallery, and next to no reason to actually look at the screen.

out the shell. . .

There are two modes to play, “Story” and “Endless”. To unlock the Endless Mode, you must first complete Story Mode. Endless Mode is (you guessed it) endless.

Unless you don’t like yourself, I’d stop at Story Mode.

In Story mode, you are given two (in-game) weeks to accumulate money. Each in-game day will pass in three real-time minutes. To gain money, you click on users’ posts (on a fictional social media platform). Most users are “time wasters” (netting no money), but some will return capital. As you gain money, you will unlock purchasable, passive sources of income (such as “Cash Pigs” or “Fin Slaves”). Passive income generates every ten seconds.

I recommend letting the game run in the background and coming back after a cup o’ coffee.

Between days, there are events. For example, your fans may offer sizable donations, or even offer to purchase your panties. These events are great ways to earn a bit of extra income. In one of these events, you can date an “alpha”. He provides an ability to increase your income. However, he soaks up one-hundred seconds and increases your “corruption” level. If it gets too high, you’ll become his slave.


Tomie wants humiliate losers for their money, and by that she means exploiting users on social media for money in exchange for humiliating them. She wants you to become the most popular “Findom Goddess” in two weeks’ time. I assume that you play as her, though she addresses you (the player) directly. “Findom” can be translated to “financial domination”.

Depending on your actions, I think there’s two possible endings.


The titlescreen isn’t very impressive, but it is well formatted. To disable the (awful) music, you have to do so in-game. This should be an option on the titlescreen. The in-game visuals do look attractive, but there’s only one screen to look at. There is a distinct lack of visual variety. I would liked to be able to explore the in-game website, and interact with users. In my opinion, it’s all a great big, missed opportunity. Better clicker-games have a great deal of screens to look at, motivating users to stay on the application.

If users start “playing” your game in the background, your game probably sucks.

The Goods

The sexual content is actually very well drawn, but it is confined to a small bubble. There is no gallery to view images, so the only way to see ’em again is to hope you see the correct dialogue between (three minute) in-game days. That or gain “Corruption”, by allowing the protagonist to be repeatedly mounted by her friendly neighborhood “alpha male”.


I strongly disrecommend this game. This is a boring, overpriced clicker game. Unless you want to be Tomie’s real-life cash pig, I’d get my kicks from better (free) software. But hey, If I can make five grand in two days as a dominatrix, hoo hoo you can count me in! Now which one of y’alls are gonna start my career?

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