Future Love Space Machine

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Future Love Space Machine is a lewd posing game with a sci-fi theme.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxF, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Two or three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?


Since I first published a review for Future Love Space Machine on April 7th, 2020, the developers have added multiple updates to this game. By the looks of them, they render a number of my complains obsolete. With that in mind, I suggest that you take this review with a grain of salt (as you should for all reviews that you read). Many of the updates appear to be directed towards character customization and graphical optimization. I’m unsure if my issues with poor audio and lack of gameplay have been resolved. Based on what I read, this review appears ring mostly true to the game’s state as of September, 2020.


You select two characters (or “partners) from a list of pre-made creations. Alternatively, you can create your own characters using the character creation tool. After choosing your crew, it’s time to pose ’em. There’s only one stage to create your lusty scenes, but there’s a variety of sexual poses to choose from. Beyond dickin’ with a camera and posing your subjects, there isn’t anything else to do. If you get bored, you can explore the unplayable area with the camera though!

Character Creation

I found the Character Creation mode to be somewhat comprehensive, though flawed in many areas. I would venture to say that most like-gender, like-species characters you create will bear uncanny similarities (due to a lack of editable features). You are able to edit the face and body via a set of preset morphs, and a handful of sliders to make minor adjustments. You can create anything from anthropomorphic animals to grotesque abominations. If you play your sliders right, you can make some reasonably attractive characters. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the height of your characters. Due to the lack of in-game control, overtly custom characters will not correctly align during sexual animations.

Man, Skyrim has better character customization and sex controls than this game.


Based on the loading screens, I think that this game is ‘sposed to be a virtual simulation (and you’re plugged in). There is no character development (beyond a name and species). It’s a shame, I would have liked to have learned more about each playable character, and their (clearly) diverse backgrounds. Perhaps the developers can insert character bios, or implement visual novel segments.


The interface and loading screens are highly stylized. They appear corrupted, and will often flicker. I liked the aesthetic, but I understand why some may find it distracting. Sometimes, the interface will (unintentionally) double-up and flicker. When this happens, you’ll just have to reboot the software. You can adjust quite a bit of audio, graphical and visual settings from the “Options” menu. The game can’t be muted without individually muting each character in a scene (which is kind of annoying).

Speaking of annoying sounds. . .

The moans. By golly were the moans repetitive and unpolished. There were multiple points in their sound clips where I heard pops, a sign of poor recording equipment or practices. The audio quality was through the floor! As in, the opposite of through the roofawful. During one of my playthroughs, my lady subjects decided to use the same voice clip at the same time. The result was so dreadful, I was compelled to close the application.

The Goods

There’s a boatload of sexual positions to try out, and using the mouse you can sort of manipulate the actors. Customizable characters mean that you can create just about any gender pairing you want — however, all of the sex positions require that one actor take on a male role. Characters without a wiener will don a strap-on. Unfortunately, there is no sexual-progression. Characters will bang it out in a never-ending loop. When characters orgasm, all that happens is that they will go faster and get louder. I would have liked to have seen more interactivity with each position, perhaps a sub-menu for each position detailing minor variations, and the ability to automatically cycle through them.

Also, there’s no money shots. That’s like, literally the best part of sex!


I do recommend this game, but I still suggest that you wait for a sale. There is no meaningful gameplay — this is what I call a “poser”, a game that’s more a tool to create scenes of your choice. There are far, far more robust posers out there, such as Daz Studio or Poser (which are free by the way), but they don’t hold your hand. Animation and voice acting are hard. Future Love Space Machine will have your lady friends screwin’ in no time at all.

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