Gift Girl Review (1/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Gift Girl is a lewd desktop pet available on Steam.

Chapter Two: Gameplay (1/5★)

Once “gift girl” has been loaded onto your screen, she may be commanded to change her clothes or assume any one of “30 poses”. She can scaled up and down, and dragged-n’-dropped anywhere on you so desire. I’ve had more fun in File Explorer. . .

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (1/5★)

Section One: Content

There’s nudity with “physical effect”. Oh, what’s “physical effect” you say?

3DPet says, “Character’s chest has a, Simulate real jitter”

Section Two: Implementation

Gift Girl’s clothes have varying stages of optional removal (including full nudity).

Section Three: Interactivity

She can be dragged to stimulate 3DPet‘s “physical softening effect”. When I want to get it on, I need to see some “real jitter” on my screen or I can only get a half chub tops.

Section Four: Quality

The 3D model and her “half undress” clothes are kind of hot, but there’s no sexual animations to work with. You’re better off looking up hentai on PornHub or something.

Chapter Four: Story (1/5★)

3DPet couldn’t even be bothered to name the girl in Gift Girl — I’ve just been calling her “Gift Girl” because I don’t know what else to call her.  

Chapter Five: Sound (1/5★)

Section One: Sound Effects

Whenever you touch Gift Girl her avatar bounces and plays a sound. It’s pretty annoying, which is probably why there’s a mute button — 3DPet knew you’d need it.

Section Three: Voice Acting

There is no voice acting, making presence eerily quiet.

Chapter Six: Visuals (1/5★)

Section One: User-interface

The user-interface is a confusing mess of icons that are difficult to read against bright backgrounds, including Gift Girl herself. I had to literally guess what everything did. Additionally, Gift Girl’s “bounding box” makes it difficult to click on applications in her vicinity, forcing me to periodically move her around or shrink her down.

Section Two: Graphics

Gift Girl’s animations don’t make any sense — often, she appears to be interacting with an invisible world. She is distractingly illuminated (contributing to my user-interface woes).

I guess Gift Girl herself is kind of hot, so there’s that.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (1/5★)

To think I gave this game a “thumbs up” once. . .

To be fair, Gift Girl doesn’t do anything wrong, it just doesn’t do anything good. It’s a waste a time, space and money and you should leave this “game” in a trashcan (where it belongs).

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