Girls Guns and Zombies (1/5★)

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Girls Guns and Zombies is a lewd third-person shooter about slayin’ zambies.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Twenty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay (1/5★)

Collect “supplies” to temporarily unlock dance animations (and maybe even toplessness!) You may either choose to “Party” or “Scavenge”. “Scavenge” takes you to a hostile world populated with zombies. They only serve as a mild inconvience; you can generally ignore them and focus on collecting “supplies”. Supplies are used in “Party” mode to unlock animations and nudity. Unlockables must be unlocked again after leaving Party mode — such lame.

Story (1/5★)

There is no story (and I’m not making one up!)

Visuals (2/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely arranged, but the menu looks like it’s missing a selection. From “Settings”, you may adjust audio and graphical preferences. “Advanced Graphics” appears to toggle DoF effects — advanced my ass. The game is somewhat attractive, but it’s clear as day the developers just mashed premade asset together. The world map is strangely scaled. The player character looks like a little giant (a little giant) among child-like zombies!

The ‘Goods’ (1/5★)

You’re able to unlock toplessness and a handful of dance animations. They’re pretty disappointing — I think the only reason they are in the game is to fluff up the trailer. You can’t even move the camera to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Verdict (1/5★)

Don’t but this game. I was under the impression Girls Guns and Zombies was going to be an above-average memeware (which admittingly is a pretty low bar to meet) — Girls Guns and Zombies isn’t the worst memeware I’ve played, but it is a bad memeware. It’s not funny or entertaining. It’s boring and unrewarding. Thankfully, I was able to beat the game in roughly fifteen minutes — but a fifteen minute game is absolutely not a three-dollar buy. Evil Bunneh, are you high? You should take a page from the Animationary studio — their memeware features character customization, objectives, and a vairiety of enemies and power-ups. I’m not a fan of memeware. Oh, and their games are cheaper too. Until Evil Bunneh figures out how to make this a worthwhile buy, I’d stay far away (or buy Animationary‘s games).

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