Sun Girls

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Sun Girls is a swippy-swappy puzzle game with a beach theme.


(Adult) Content?

Not applicable.

Hours of Gameplay?
Twenty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Not applicable.


Rearrange pieces to complete an image. You may choose between three difficulty settings; the first produces sixteen piece puzzles, the second thirty-six, and the third one-hundred. You are timed, but there is no time limit. There’s also a “Random Mode”, but I’m not sure what it does. There are eight puzzles to choose from.


There is no story (and I’m not making one up)!


The titlescreen is uneventful, but the user-interface looks alright. From “Options”, you may adjust audio and display preferences. You can review CGs from the “Gallery”, but you can’t hide the user-interface. The artwork is well-drawn, but it appears low-resolution.

Can we have a nude patch, devs? And a better gallery?


I don’t recommend this game. Yes, Sun Girls is a functional puzzle game. But it lacks a proper gallery, and the images are below average. I would have liked to have seen nudity (which would have been Sun Girls‘ only redeeming quality). I’d only suggest buying this game if you have nothing better to purchase (and believe me, you do). Even if you’re looking for non-adult swippy-swappy puzzles, most adult games have optional adult content!

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