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Hyper Mum Ft Adult Gaming is a two-in-one game where you must avoid being spotted by your mommy mummy.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


What even is a hyper mom? Oh wait, I’m sorry, hyper mum. Well, I’m a bit slow; the hyper mum makes a lot more sense after you play the game. I don’t think I like hyper mums or Hyper Mum Ft. I’m sorry Greather Games, but my opinion can’t be bought.

. . . not in public, anyhow. Meet me in men’s room after dark.

I like to imagine that this is what Greather Games studio looks like, and this game is simulation of the hardships the developer has faced to bring us such. . . wonderful games.


. . . in a nutshell

There are two game modes to choose; in Crystal Arena Survival, you must dodge a shady lady as you navigate a maze to collect crystals. There are at least four levels, and each level increases the complexity of the maze and speed of your pursuer. In Virtual Girlfriend, you must engage in a series of prompts and a short scavenger hunt.

All while keeping an eye on the “Mum Cam”; if Mum enters your room with a game on-screen, it’s game over.

When Mummy’s near, you’re supposed to tab out of what ever game you’re playing, taking care not to lose the game or get caught. It’s kind of like if someone unplugged your PC monitor every minute or two.

Does that sound like fun to you?

out the shell. . .

Hyper Mum Ft Adult Gaming is essientially a pair of minigames with a frustrating mechanic overlayed on them. After selecting your choice of minigame, you must keep an eye on the “Mum Cam”. The idea is to beat each minigame without getting caught; that means “tabbing” out of your selected game anytime Mum wanders inside your room. As each minigame is timed, “tabbing” must be timed properly. Otherwise, there’s a very good chance you will lose the game.

All failures will return you to the main menu, and reset your progress.

In Crystal Arena Survival, you must navigate a large marble through a maze to collect “crystals”. Some elf-chick is chasing the marble, and should she reach it it’ll be game-over. Once you collect all of the crystals, you move onto the next level. Subsequent levels have more difficult mazes and faster elf-chicks.

If you die, it’s back to the start.

In Virtual Girlfriend, you must respond to an anime waifu before she gets “tired of waiting” (resulting in a game-over). She’ll ask you to nod your head, look for items, and a series of questions. I’m not sure what those questions were, given the lack of subtitles (and the fact my sound was turned off). I just sort of hit “yes” every time and beat the game. . . somehow.

. . . and yes, this is a game you can play one handed.


Some guy (who is supposed be you) is trying to game without his mum catching him. It’s not that he’s playing games that’s the problem; it seems to be that you insist on playing lewd games with the screen pointed at your (unlocked) door.

Really dude?

On an off note, what is the Mum Cam? It allows the player to know what mummy is up to at any given moment; is she equipped with a some sort of mounted camera? Is she some sort of hip ‘n trendy 24/7 mommy vlogger? Perhaps, she is equipped with a hidden camera, one that she is not aware of.

Oh hey, maybe you’re psychic. It’s the simplest explanations that are usually right right?


The titlescreen is organized and pleasant to look at. From “Settings” you may adjust a wide variety of audio, display, and graphical preferences. You may also consult the “Guide” from the “Settings” menu which provides some tips on playing the game.

The Goods

I didn’t get far enough to unlock the CGs for “Crystal Arena Survival”; I lost my patience. I did, however unlock the CGs that come with Virtual Girlfriend. She is animated in-game, but when viewing her respective gallery you are only able to view still images. She and her respective CGs are below average. But honestly, I kind of liked her. I would play a good game if a refined her was the star.

. . . expect female nudity and male-on-female sexual content.


No-o I don’t recommend this game one bit. Granted, this is a very cheap piece of software, and it’s hard to go wrong with a dollar. Most of your playtime is going to be invested into redoing minigames because mummy’s a bitch.

Why can’t I play my crappy hentai games in peace?

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