Magical Miri

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Magical Miri is a 2D action side scroller about a magic student who must stop her teacher from starting a war.


(Adult) Content?
Implied female nudity.

Yes. No naughty bits.

Hours of Game-play?
Four or five hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


. . . in a nutshell

You dodge baddies and smash crystals. Everyone wants your clothes off but no want’s nothin’ else after that. Huh.

out the shell. . .

First of all, this game has one of the worst key configuration interfaces I’ve ever seen. All keys must be reconfigured at once, and many keys on the keyboard are not detected. You can’t reset the control scheme to default values, which means if you screw up (like me) you’re just plain screwed. You cannot use the mouse cursor, which is a minor gripe, but it would make navigating the user-interface much easier than slamming the arrow keys in rapid succession. I think this game was designed with controllers in mind. Keep that in mind PC master race.

By far, the controls were the worst part of this game. They sucked the fun right out of it.

Miri is able to employ a variety of magic to enhance her combat prowess. With it, she can dash, double jump, launch projectiles, and deploy a protective shield. Each of the aforementioned actions consume magic (or “MP”), which regenerates after a set time. Additionally, she can slow down or speed up her descent, allowing her to reach far away ledges or dodge enemies. Many enemies move faster than Miri, and some launch fast-moving projectiles. It’s important to use her move set to the fullest to avoid taking damage, which send her reeling backwards (potentially off the stage).

Chances are, you’ll die from falling more than you’ll die from losing all your hit points.


Miri’s an irresponsible student. She’s got a big exam, but instead of studying, she played in a bathtub and searched for shortcuts that take [her] to other realms. To her dismay, her school is barricaded by some magical shield. Chibi Kitty (an old friend) accidentally leaks the means to destroy the barrier; Miri must find five crystals, each guarded by a powerful enchantress. So she sets off to find the keys to her school, hopefully without losing her clothes.

Everyone and everything wants her clothes, for reasons. Your job is keep Miri’s clothes on.


Overall, I enjoyed the menus and user-interface. It all looked good, and stylistically consistent. I can’t say the same about navigation, however. The mouse is disabled, forcing you to navigate long menus via the directional keys. The in-game assets generally looked clean and well presented. I did find the characters to appear somewhat amateurish at times, and the animations lacking with select enemies. In general, I thought the animations to appear entertaining, and I wanted to see more.

The Goods

There are a handful of scenes where Miri loses her clothes, but no naughty bits are shown. These scenes appear when Miri dies, and are considered to be “game over” screens. There is no full nudity.

. . . expect female implied nudity.


Buy this game if you’re lookin’ for a not-too-hard cutesy platformer. The keyboard controls frustrated me to the point of rage quiting, so keep that in mind fellow keyboarders. I felt as though this game was a great big, missed opportunity in the lewd department, and as a non-pornographic game the focus on nudity and scantily clad women was more of a tease than anything meaningful. I feel as though this game could have done without the fan service. All in, or non at all

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