Nakadashi Banzai

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Nakadashi Banzai is a lewd visual novel about a compulsive liar and his desire to hook up and cream strangers.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
Three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.



This article is pending review. It is either incomplete, out-of-date, or I feel the need to disclaim my shame for a something Iā€™m not proud of.


. . . in a nutshell

I need to make some revisions.

out the shell. . .

As a visual novel, you can expect to do a lot of reading. Between ladies, you can navigate the city through a series of directional options. These do nothing but waste time, until you happen upon a lady. When talking to a lady, there are a wide variety of dialogue options to choose, which will change the information and reactions you extort from them. During sexual scenes, there are a few options which will alter their course.


Kensuke is on the prowl for what he calls “prey” (or women). He’s new in town, he’s got one goal; to bang some lady prey. He’s got a thing for creampies, and he loves givin’ them to unsuspecting strangers. Kensuke prefers to sweet talk his way to his prey’s underpants, as opposed to using force. He follows “The 3 F’s”, “flirt”, “(f-word)” and “finish inside”. Why?

. . . because women exist.

Kotomi is a jobless girl who interested in fashion. She’s gullible, and desperate for work. Contrary to Kensuke’s claim, I’m pretty sure he outright violated her. Erika is tough on the outside, but secretly insecure. She’s a bit of a (b-word), but she’s actually quite obedient (when her insecurities are attacked). Kozue is a married woman in her late twenties, and she’s not very loyal.

I think every sexual encounter was based on coercion and lies. Kensuke is a real charmer.


The titlescreen was strangely formatted, but it looks decent and is easy to navigate. From the “Options” menu, you can change a wide variety of sound and visual settings. You can also reconfigure the controls from the “Keys” menu (also found inside “Options”). The “Gift” selection is actually a gallery, where you can review endings, images and information about each lady.

The backgrounds look good, but are monotonous. I though the character portraits were okay, but left a little bit to be desired. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The Goods

The vast majority of the sexual content is text based. There is quite a bit of sexual dialogue and descriptions, so you can expect to read a lot of goodies. The character portraits sometimes reflect the descriptions. There are a good number of CGs, and they look high quality. However, it will take multiple playthroughs to see them all. Expect to see creamy and juicy male on female action.


I have mixed feelings about this title, and I think it is overpriced (at 15 USD). However, it features great artwork and a good chunk of reading. I’d definitely wait for a sale, but this is otherwise a decent visual novel for anyone’s lewd library.

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