Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty is an RPG about delivering an evil gem to a kingdom for the protection of mankind.


(Adult) Content?

Not applicable.

Hours of Game-play?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


This is one of the worst RPGs I have ever played. As of June, 2020, I think that I will rate this game as “number one worst RPGMaker I have played. Ever.” I’m sure that I’ll ruffle some feathers with my hateful words, but this game sure ruffled my feathers. Well accept, I don’t have feathers. . . I have fur.

‘cus you know, I’m a wombat.


. . . in a nutshell

A bare-basic RPGMaker game through and through. Fights, especially boss fights are grueling. I strongly recommending over-leveling whenever possible, to make combat a little less tedious after the prologue. This game is empty and seemingly incomplete. It’s as if the developer only had one day to crank out this game, and they spent that day with their fingers up their butts.

Actually, that sounds kind of kinky. Where do I sign up?

out the shell. . .

For how large the explorable world is (which is actually pretty small when compared to most RPGs), there is very little to do. NPCs are seldom interactive, and nearly every door you’ll see is “locked”. Signs rarely say anything, and anything that ain’t a chest isn’t worth your time.

What a deplorable world.

This is a deeply railroaded adventure. You are expected to go from point “A” to point “B”, without any detours whatsoever. Exploration is generally punished by the player character telling you what he’s supposed to be doing (and not going where you wanted to go). There was one point in the game where I entered a city, and I was banned from leaving because “someone needs help”. I was given no warning that I’d be unable to leave, and there was no means to heal or restock my party.

. . . and that’s just one way that a hapless player might softlock the game.

There was a point where you are required to stay at an inn, for a fee. If you don’t have enough money, there’s no way to get more; in other words, you’re screwed. Before fighting the final boss, you are given a chance to restock. You are not, however given a chance to level-up after defeating the first two bosses. There are a few enemies that can be encountered from the over-world, but defeating bosses locks off their respective areas. If you’re under-leveled for the final boss, it’s time to reset the game.

I have a feeling that this game was never tested.


After purchasing a cooked fish from his local fish market, Dale comes across a woman washed ashore. He supplies her with a healing herb — to no avail. He removes a gem from underneath her body, the Devil’s Gem. This jewel grants the user great power, in exchange for their energy. It rendered the woman helpless, and she was nearly slain by a monster. Lucky for Dale, he is unaffected by the life-sapping property of the Devil’s Gem. She was on a quest to bring the Gem to her kingdom to defend it from “people with bad intentions”.

That’s. . . a bit vague. But sure.

By the way, the lady’s name is Rose; I don’t think she ever introduces herself to Dale. The Gem has two other properties; one, it makes the wearer extremely attractive; and two, it makes everything want to kill the wearer. Dale fights his way back to his home to pick up his sword. He dodges a sexual encounter with Rose (why?!) and embarks on a journey to her kingdom. He is stopped by a Devil named Crudelia, a powerful monster that pursues wielders of the Devil’s Gem. Following her, it’s a Devil called Madelaine.

Then it’s off to the castle!

After reaching what I think was the conclusion to this riveting tale, the game couldn’t find a sprite that it needed and I was henceforth banished to the shadow realm. . . where I was to hit “Retry” ’til the end of days.

I just realized something. If there are more than one Devil, why is it the Devil’s Gem and not the Devils’ Gem?


The titlescreen looks okay, for an RPGMaker title. From “Options”, you may adjust audio and gameplay preferences. The sprites appear to be mostly, if not entirely pre-made RPGMaker content. There is nothing remarkable visual-wise for this game.

The Goods

I saw one CG, and it was. . . meh. Unless I missed a nude-patch somewhere, there is nothing remotely adult about this game. There are a few implied adult themes, but I didn’t see so much as a slippy-nippy.

. . . expect no nudity.


No, I do not recommend this game whatsoever. It fails to be challenging, creative, funny, or lewd. I had a bad time playing this game and a bad time writing this review. To think I was going to like this game, tsk tsk.

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