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Succumate is a lewd visual novel/RPG about a man and his newfound succubus roommate.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Four or five hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Kagura Games.


I received a free copy of this game from the developers. I had a lot of fun playing this game! I’m grateful that I had a chance to really dive in a few days before release. . . can we have more Hoori please?


Balance work and sex as you investigate the origin and motivation of your newfound, soul-sucking roomie! Succumate is a bit like a visual novel, with heavy dialogue and slow-paced gameplay. Dialogue and sex-scenes incorporate light RPG elements with buildable skills and stats that can be bolstered via minigames. The main protagonist is living with a succubus, and she needs him to meet her weekly quota of white gold! Unfortunately, every load costs him his very life energy, and the only way to get it back is with a special medicine sold down the street. . . and it ain’t cheap! You’ll have to work your tail off to stocked on the good stuff, but there’s more to see than a sucky succubus. . . sucky as in, sucking the D? The townsfolk are fair game, though getting the suck from them means finding them the right “gifts”. Women, am I right?


The protagonist represents you, but let’s call him “Harry”! Harry’s just your everyday kid, and it’s summer break — he has no job, no prospects, and his life is going nowhere. That is, until he comes home to Lilim, a succubus that kind of invited herself. She wastes no time on introductions, preferring to announce her presence with a mouthful of Harry! Lilim explains that she’s from the Demon World, and she’s been sent to the Human World to collect a quota; her choice of human is Harry, and she’s gonna need a whole lot of his life energy before she can leave. Her pussy is an all you can eat buffet — but if Harry isn’t careful, that buffet might just eat his soul. Lilim isn’t alone, and Harry finds that his summer break is going to a little more exciting — arousing — than he had anticipated! To read a full-length playthrough, click here!


The titlescreen is nicely arranged, and the busty succubus is a welcome sight. You may adjust audio preferences from “Options”, and fullscreen the application using the “F4” key. CGs can be reviewed from “Recollection”. Due to the nature of the CGs, they cannot be viewed with the user-interface or black bars. Speaking of, the user-interface is nicely arranged, though it would nice if the cursor didn’t reset when using items. I don’t know how many times I accidently hit “go out” when all I wanted was to scarf riceballs!

Now let’s talk about some areas for improvement!

Although the application can be borderless fullscreened, the game is restricted to a 4:3 ratio. . . but that’s to be expected. However, It appeared to be somewhat fuzzy when blown-up; I don’t imagine it’ll translate well to a screen larger than my own (which is around fifteen inches wide). Sometimes the text is cut-off too, making it difficult to see what selections say. Perhaps the original text was shorter than the English translation? Anytime there’s a “Deduction”, you’ll probably have some deduction of your own as you try to figure out what says what!

Seriously, how did this go unnoticed?

The Goods

There’s a variety of sexual animations to see, though I’m unsure about the exact number; however, during a single playthrough I saw eleven animated cutscenes and thirteen in-game sex-scenes. The animations typically feature the protagonist and Lilim, in a variety of sexual positions. I did catch a few orgy scenes towards the end of the game, but they were short lived. The cutscenes are actually kind of hot, but they are restricted to a small banner (often cutting off the good bits!) The animation and artwork are excellent, but the visual quality is lacking — I think this has something to do with engine limitations. The in-game animations are kind of hot too, but most of the time you’ll be watching the “Vitality” meter instead of the good stuff (because if it hits “zero” it’s game over).

Also, though there is a “rape” skill, it’s not rape because Lilim thoroughly enjoys it!


I do recommend this game! However, it’s not only rough around the edges, but the lewd content leaves something to be desired. Though there is a good chunk of lewds to see, most of what you’ll see are small animations that take place in-game, rather than full-art animations or CGs. Speaking of animations, they’re awesome — but they have the visual quality of a compressed GIF file. There’s visual artifacts galore, and the game doesn’t translate very well to a fullscreen. In addition, the gameplay is somewhat repetitive. I think I might have cheated with a full inventory of essential items, but I couldn’t imagine actually grinding for everything I needed to beat the game. However, you get to keep your relationships and stats between playthroughs! Regardless, Succumate is a sweet little game with decent replay value — I’d keep my eye on this game if you’re looking for a laid back, lewd experience!

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