Succumate Full Playthrough

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Thare be spoilers ahead — don’ say I didn’t warn ye!

The protagonist represents you, but we’ll give him a name — how about “Harry”?

Harry is discontent with his life — everyday it’s work and study, with no sign of change. That is, until he finds a pair of shoes in his apartment: they don’t belong to him. Fearing the worst, Harry treads carefully inside his home. To his surprise (or rather, to his amusement), the only thing he lost was his virginity. Before he could say a word, Lilim was all over his dick! Normally I’d call it rape, but I’m pretty sure Harry enjoyed every minute! Afterwards, Lilim explains that she is a succubus, and her job is collect life energy from human beings. She’s stuck in the human-world until she meets her “quota”, a designated quantity of cum and life energy. She senses a strong energy from Harry, and hopes he’ll help her meet the quota!

The day is August 1st, and Harry has until the 3rd to feed Lilim the spunk she needs!

But fucking Lilim isn’t all peaches and roses — what she needs is life energy, and if Harry isn’t careful she might suck all of the life out of him (literally!) This is the part of the game where it enters the player’s reigns; with that in mind, the remainder of this playthrough will be based on my decisions. Harry had lost a lot of energy during his first encounter with Lilim, so I decided it’d be best for him to go out. Harry mingles with the townfolk; he meets Doctor, a busty woman with vitality-boosting medicines; Nanjou sells “designer” clothes; and Cat well, he’s a talking cat with gameplay advice for Harry (me). Harry finds a busted guitar from trash heap, and what ensues is a jam-out which nets a whopping 400 Yen.

Sadly, Harry’s top only listener seemed to be a stray dog.

While learning what the city has to offer, I stumbled upon the Girly Gacha Machine (which I blew Harry’s earnings on.) He heads home and revitalizes with a combination of coffee, rice balls and vitality boosters — Harry needs lots of vitality to sex-up Lilim without dieing. Though the cat told him that’d he’d have to carefully manage work and expenses, it seems as though Harry has gobs of everything he needs to keep Lilam happy. I don’t know if I accidently entered a cheat code or something, but time will tell! Lilim fucks and sucks Harry’s brains out (to near-death twice!), and after a six-hour nap he’s ready for round three!

Harry fulfils Lilim’s quota, and for that she’s grateful — but come next morning, he’s in for a shock!

The cops are knocking on his door! Harry fears that Lilim was actually a child, and that he had been caught red-handed in some sting operation; thankfully, that wasn’t the case. Rather, the po-po are interested in information regarding a string of deaths. Since July (or last month), single men have been found dead in their homes, shriveled up like dried-prunes. Though the police suspect drugs, Harry suspects that his own Lilim could be responsible. Harry doesn’t spill the beans, though when they leave he considers reporting Lilim. I thought about what I’d do in a situation like this, and I opted not to report Lilam. . . because Harry wanted to make the call in the same room as Lilam.

Also, on-demand succu-pussy is a risk I’m willing to take!

And so concludes Chapter One, “Meeting”. Chapter Two, “Doubt” begins with Harry sharing a meal with Lilim. As Lilim scarfs down his home-cookin’, he reconsiders his life decisions with his (maybe) killer-roomie sitting across. Soon, her demon phone rings with a new quota; this time, Lilim requires double the energy as last time. When Harry asks if he can say “no”, she jokes (“jokes”) that she’ll suck out every last drop of his energy straight away! Before Harry says anything else potentially life-threatening, I decided it was time to hit the town! I decided to play some more guitar, and I spent my earnings on the Girly Gacha Machine. Next stop, Lilim! Of course, she was all-too-eager to settle this week’s quota.

Tried as I did, Harry got his ass a cold and he had to take a stop by the Convenience Store for medicine.

Those guitar sessions are really paying off! After slamming Lilim until reaching quota, I decided to hit the streets for more Yen. Harry made a pretty penny, and after a goodnight’s rest I skipped forward to the next Chapter, “Evidence”. Harry ponders the possibility that Lilim was the one responsible for the recent string of deaths. When he and Lilim fuck, he feels his life slipping away — and like the men who have died, he too is living alone. But wonders why Lilim hasn’t just killed him and moved onto the next lonely man. Harry doesn’t think she’s the one responsible, but he wants definitive proof. I decided to ask Lilim if there were other succubi like her (because that’s the prompt I accidently chose!)

She says that she’s one of three assigned the city — Lilim isn’t alone!

Which means it’s possible that someone else is the culprit. Lilim explains that each Succubus is in charge of a “zone”, and there are succubi in the east and south. She mentions off-hand that she only needs Harry’s life energy for a few more weeks (by then she’ll be able to return to the Demon World.) Before she leaves, Harry wants to find incontrovertible evidence that she’s innocent. He notices her backpack parked in the corner of his room; after bribing her with sweets, Lilim agrees to show him its contents. Inside is a her phone, a notebook, and a stamp book. I decided to browse through the notebook, because I figured it’d be Harry’s best bet for his evidence — he finds that Lilim entered his world during August 1st.

This is crucial because the deaths have been occurring a month before Lilim entered the picture!

Harry doesn’t divulge the sweets, and he gets smacked upside the head! You’d think he’d be more careful around a fucking demon! I sent him back outside to explore the city. He meets a creepy old man, who offers to sell him sexual techniques for a steep fee. I decided to fork over thousands of all of my Yen, and hit the guitar to finance the remainder of his training. I can’t help but wonder how this man “trains” dear Harry. . . *shudders*. The next day, Harry crosses the Gacha Man! He waits by the Girly Gacha Machine, lamenting that he hasn’t a penny to his name. He offers Harry “something good” if brings him a complete set of Girly Gacha figures. . . which Harry happened to have!

Hey, maybe that five-thousand Yen I blew on the Gacha is about to pay off — with a naughty magazine.

But not just any naughty magazine! From the contents of this book, Harry learns the “Rape” skill! I decided to try it out (along with a few of the old man’s sexual techniques) on Lilim (and fill the quota!) Apparently, Harry fucked her so hard she was too fucked out for round two. . . which is a first. The next day Harry was able to learn everything the master had to offer, and he was pumping out cum faster than ever! I hit the quota, and skipped ahead to Chapter four, “Colleagues”. Lilim’s coworker, Hoori pays Harry a visit. She complains that she hasn’t sex in months, and envies Lilim’s own Harry. Though Hoori seems like a friendly demon, Harry still has his suspicions regarding the string of deaths.

It’s too bad Hoori isn’t the main protagonist. . . flat chests are way hotter than tits!

Instead of dicking around time, I decided to go straight to dicking Lilim. At this point Harry had become such a pro rapist it only took him an afternoon to fill his largest quota yet! Afterwards, Harry ponders Hoori’s involvement in the murders. As she complained about not having sex in the past few months (implying she was around long before the deaths the started), it’s unlikely that she’s the culprit. Harry figures that the last remaining succubus must be the killer! I said something to Hoori (but I was clicking too fast to read the prompt). . . and it ended with the word “threesome“. She and Lilim doubled-teamed Harry’s meat stick, and Hoori decided to put it in.

I have one word for Hoori’s broken hymen and flat chest. . . yes!

Hoori and Lilim become close companions, and Harry becomes responsible for filling both of their quotas. He still has a few weeks left before Lilim will (hopefully) depart. Harry asks himself, “Am I gonna survive. . . living with two succubi?” Considering how many vitality boosters he needed for Lilim, I’m unsure if he can. Unfortunately, we won’t find out — because that’s when the gamed abruptly ended. I had unlocked the second ending, “Together with Hoori” (which seems to be more a cliffhanger than an actual conclusion.) I was looking forward to raping Hoori everyday. . . but hey, I think Harry’s life ended on a high note. What more could you ask for than a pair of loyal, obedient demon sex-slaves?

Maybe I should start leaving my door unlocked. . . you never know who’ll be waiting inside!

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