Sex Quest

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Sex Quest is a lewd third-person action-RPG about Ellaria’s mission to save the kingdom and become the king’s escort.


(Adult) Content?
(FXM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Complete quests and smash through baddies. There are a handful of quests to complete, which typically involve killing one or more of a designated enemies. You may choose between magic and physical attacks, the former typically ranged. Magic is without a doubt vastly superior to physical attacks: not only does it provide infinite, zero-cost ranged attacks, but its usage doesn’t require you to lunge or stand still. Enemies often drop crafting materials, which can be used to create improved gear (which is available from the store at a steep price). I suggest not crafting, and instead selling off materials to finance better gear. Overall, the gameplay is grossly unbalanced.


Ellaria is a on mission to free the kingdom of no-name from the rule of the evil Goblin Warlock! Buried deep inside the generic forest, Ellaria will have to slay a wide variety of baddies that stand in her way. In exchange for freeing the land, she’ll be assigned as the king’s very own sexual, royal escort!


The titlescreen and user-interface fail to impress. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to adjust user-preferences. You can pull-up a “help menu” via the “H” key in-game at anytime. It’s clear that Sex Quest takes advantage of many premade assets. They seldom blend together, and the characters are extremely uncanny. The main protagonist has her mouth agape at all times — and her animations as a whole are hilariously bad. I recognize the maps themselves from three or four similar action-RPGs. The only difference between them and Sex Quest is that they are retextured. . . and they look worse.

The Goods

Female quest-givers are typically naked; they have decent tiddies, but there’s nothing to see. The real goodies aren’t unlocked until you beat the game. In the sexual minigame, you may choose between twelve animations. The characters are somewhat uncanny, but the animations are decent. I recognize the them and the interface from a game called Escort Simulator — more copy/paste content? There’s also a climax minigame, where you spray white gold onto the protagonist. It reacts to her skin, but it doesn’t stick around for long. It’s a shame, really — I wanted to create my very own bukkake!


I don’t recommend this game one bit! To think the developers think this is a fifteen USD game — if they reduced the price by ninety-percent, maybe it’d be a reasonable buy. I like bad action RPGs, but I did not like this game. I’ve played a number of RPGS based on the same assets and mechanics, but Sex Quest is the worst one I’ve played yet. If you’re interested in a similar title, I strongly recommend Black Knight – Milena. Though Black Knight – Milena doesn’t feature sexual content, it’s leagues beyond Sex Quest with meaningful story and gameplay.

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