Waifu Love

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Waifu Love is a lewd collection of minigames.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Shortly after posting a review for Waifu Love, the developers replied and updated the game. I was dissatisfied with the difficulty, UI and content. I would have updated this review sooner, but my Steam counterpart was undergoing moderation (due to a false report). Once again, I have confirmed my Patreon and Wombat Trap are allowed on Steam.


Click on “ghosts”, match cards and whack “stalkers” to unlock lewd CGs; Waifu Love is a collection of minigames. In the first, you must smash “stalkers” as theyActi appear on-screen. In the second, you must click on “ghosts” to deplete a “shyness” meter. In the final minigame, you must turn-over and match face-down cards in rapid succession.


There are waifus, and each of them are being stalked. It’s up to you to smash the stalkers, and smash them while you’re at it!


I wasn’t impressed by the titlescreen, but the user-interface looks serviceable. It’s easy to hit “exit” or “restart” while playing the minigames, but there is a confirmation prompt (preventing you from losing progress) — strangely, the “yes”/”no” options appear to be cut-off. However, it’s impossible to pause the games. You can mute/unmute audio at any time via the volume icon, but there doesn’t appear to be a window the application. The level-select screen doubles as a gallery. When viewing CGs, the user-interface is hidden by default. Unfortunately, the CGs are not rendered in an aspect ratio that will fill a widescreen.

The Goods

There are ten static CGs to unlock, each with an animated variant. The artwork is high quality, and I love the painterly-style of each waifu. It’s too bad the images don’t fill the screen — they are better suited for a phone or tablet than a PC. The animations sport great jiggle physics, but there are no climaxes or progression. I found many of the animations to be awkward: the waifus often appear to be floating in mid-air!


If you’re lewd-gaming on a budget, Waifu Love is a great buy! With ten unlockable, animated CGs and thirty mini-games there’s bang for your buck. However Waifu Love is a case of quantity versus quality. The game isn’t terribly interesting, and gameplay repetitive. I would have preferred ten minigames three-times better than thirty mediocre games. The sexual animations fall short, but the art itself is high quality. If the animation doesn’t float your boat, static-images are available in-game. Waifu Love is a mediocre game, but it’ll keep your fingers busy!

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