Hismith Tower Shape Anal Plug Review (4.5/5★)

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Chapter One: Introduction

In this article, I try my best to discuss this toys in ways both sexes can appreciate. But I don’t have a pussy. If you’re shopping for a pussy, hopefully my words will be descriptive enough to decide whether or not this product is a good fit between your legs.

Chapter Two: Unboxing (3/5★)

The packaging was unassuming, with no identification marks beyond branding. If you don’t know what products Hismith makes, you wouldn’t know what’s inside.

Shown below is the manufacturer’s packaging.

The dildo was sealed inside rigid plastic cling wrap.

I was disappointed to see no paperwork whatsoever — no care and usage instructions, no warranty, not even a “thank you” note.

Shown below is the sealed dildo.

Chapter Three: Usage (5/5★)

Section One: Operation

The Hismith Tower Shape Anal Plug is equipped with a detachable male “KlicLok” adapter. To install the attachment onto a compatible machine, the end of the dildo is simply lined up with the female KlicLok adapter and pressed together.

Alternatively, the in-built KlicLok adapter can be unscrewed to enable the dildo’s suction cup functionality.

Section Two: Safety

When employing the KlicLok adapter of this dildo, it’s important to insure it is tightened to prevent this toy from spinning during usage.

Chapter Four: Quality (5/5★)

Section One: Build

The surface soft, smooth, and free of defects — no scratches or bubbling. The overall feel of the dildo is firm.

Section Two: Insertion

Compared to the Hismith Silicone Balls 9 Inch Dildo, I found the anal plug to be a more desirable anal toy due to it’s versatility. Tapered to a small point, this dildo is easy to slide in while warming up, The conical shape allowed me to work my way down the base as I felt comfortable, and the regular ribbing made this product highly engaging.

Additionally, unlike the Hismith Silicone Balls 9 Inch Dildo  I could comfortably ramp up the speed of my Sex Machine with product without worrying about turning my asshole inside out.

Section One: Mouth Play

Though intended for anal play, the subdue tapering of the Anal Plug make this product surprisingly pleasurable when thrust inside my mouth. I enjoyed the way my lips slid against each rib. This anal plug is tapered enough to reach my throat, activating my gag reflex and making for an otherwise great mouth fuck.

Chapter Three: Maintenance (4/5★)

Section One: Cleaning

Molded from silicone, it’s important to use silicone-friendly cleaning methods. Soapy, warm water will suffice, but I’d recommend a foaming sex toy cleaner.

Section Two: Storage

Historically, I’ve had issues with Hismith products leeching oils into porous surfaces. I’d recommend storing this product away from anything that can be stained. Personally, I used shoe organizer that I could hang on my bathroom door.

Removing the KlicLok adapter allows the dildo to be stored upright.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (4.5/5★)

This dildo feels incredible — it’s a close competition between this and the Hismith Spiral Dildo. Ultimately, I think I prefer the shape of the Spiral Dildo, but it’s truly a matter of preference. If you’re more interested in anal play, the Tower Shape Anal Plug is a better bet due to it’s ribbed shape. Otherwise, I’d recommend the Hismith Spiral Dildo due to it’s more intense texture.

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