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SPNK-3R, rogue Constructer

Affiliation — Bandit, Hyperion

Planet — Pandora

SPNK-3R is a sentient, sex-obsessed Constructor. He hordes digital pornography, which he writes to his massive internal storage and uploads to the ECHOnet. Using his very own, custom Hyperion ‘bots, SPNK-3R creates his own pornography with generally unwilling subjects. His SPNK-Surveyors are his eyes and ears, whom stream what they see directly to the Echonet. His SPNK-Loaders are his muscle, capturing victims and fending off intruders. He maintains a small force of SPNK units on Pandora, scattered across bandit strongholds and encampments.

Prepare to be [penetrated]

Unlike most Constructors, SPNK-3R has no missile armaments. When defending himself, he relies on digistructed-minions and a potent laser-attack. Like Hyperion’s W4R-D3N, SPNK-3R is capable of capturing and transporting prisoners. He will seize unarmed people, for use in his content. He protects himself with a powerful shield, which constantly regenerates. When aggressors get too close, SPNK-3R will perform a devastating ground-slam. If his HP becomes more than half-way depleted, SPNK-3R will attempt to flee using his thrusters.

Memory Leak. Repairs null. Requesting [sex].

Years of operation have taken their toll on SPNK-3R’s body. His hull is heavily damaged, dented and torn by thousands of bullets and ‘nades. His vitals are maintained by his SPNK-Surveyors, whom work tirelessly as life-support for his tired body. His internal parts regularly fail, forcing him to stay put and undergo repairs between battles and traveling. During his lifespan, his internal storage became corrupted, rendering swaths of data unusable. A small portion of critical code was destroyed, causing his basic functions to fail unexpectedly. In typical Hyperion ‘bot fashion, SPNK-3R narrates his failing systems, a cry for help from Hyperion personnel. Unfortunately, the only ones that can help him desire only his summary destruction.

SPNK-3R trusts no-one, attacking or restraining any lifeforms which violate his “personal space”. While most Hyperion ‘bots would normally report for disassembly or reformatting, SPNK-3R’s sentience prevents him from seeking help. While he does not feel emotions like a human would, he does possess a drive for self-preservation. What SPNK-3R experiences can best be described as dread; to SPNK-3R, disassembly or reformatting would compromise what he best understands as being alive. He actively avoids his problems, and instead devotes his processing power to other activities. His choice pastimes are indiscriminate killing, and pornography.


Like SPNK-3R, SPNK-Loaders share a sex-obsessed personality. They function like JNK-Loaders, using scavenged parts and firearms to defend themselves. They will neutralize aggressors before engaging in intercourse. What they see is transmitted to SPNK-3R, which in turn is uploaded to the Echonet. During sexual intercourse, a holographic symbol resembling crudely-drawn genitalia will appear over them. Unlike Hyperion Loaders, SPNK-Loaders possess a phallic extension, located in their groin area. It functions similarly to male genitalia, and can be extended or retreated at will. In addition, they are able to vibrate their fingers to imitate vibrators.


SPNK-Loaders are almost always backed by SPNK-Surveyors, whom record and repair SPNK-units. They rarely engage in combat, instead maintaining protective shields and staying out of harm’s way. They function primarily as voyeuristic camcorders, making an effort to collect as much pornographic data as possible. SPNK-Surveyors commonly swarm sexual acts, recording multiple angles of footage. SPNK-Surveyors generally flee before engaging hostiles. When forced to fight, they will discharge a strong electric projectile which saps shields.

Relationship with Bandits

Bandit [penetration] eminent.

SPNK units are often adopted into bandit clans, armed and protected; SPNK-Loaders are non-hostile unless attacked or resisted (during intercourse). SPNK-Loaders are decorated with clan garb and symbols, joining forces with their impromptu allies to further SPNK-3R’s pornographic collection. The presence of SPNK units is often enough to scare away attacking clans, whom fear retribution from SPNK-3R himself. Although there exists a hefty bounty for his demise, his whereabouts are actively protected due to his ECHOnet contributions.

Quotes (SPNK-3R)

Attack (laser)
Blowing my load.
[erecting] light penetrater.

Attack (slam)
Comfort zone breached.
I said no.
“No” means no.
Personal bubble violated.
Personal space violated.

When idle
I am aroused by images of genitalia.
I possess fifty petabytes of data containing reproductive organs.
My circuits are cold. Please expose yourself.

When damaged
Internal failure. Circuits [flacid].
Memory leak. Repairs null.
Requesting [sex].
Sensors impaired. Loading [penetration] protocols.
System [slut]down immenent.

When digistructing loaders
Digistruct process initiated.
Deploying [cum] Loaders
Erecting [cum] loaders.

Quotes (SPNK-Loaders)

When seeing enemy
2nd law disabled.
[Sexual] contact.
[Penetrating] bandit.
Lethal [sex] authorized.
[Submissive] detected.
Increasing [sexual] aggression.
Removing [clothes]. 
[Sex]cess imminent.
[Cum]bat commencing.
Engaging [with] target.
Target in sights.
Target [climax] imminent.
Moving to engage.
Commencing [sex].
Bandit [penetration] eminent.


SPNK-3R was originally published on Deviant Art on August 9th, 2019.

“SPNK-3R” is based on the character “BNK-3R”, a boss encountered during Borderlands 2’s main story quest-line.


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