Eedilyn (by Wrizoe)

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DatWombat takes advantage of slave labor.

An old chum I met I Steam offered to draw my choice of character(s) to help sharpen his art game. It’s a common practice for aspiring artists to take “requests”, suggestions on who (or what) to draw without an exchange of currency or labor.

Yeah, it sounds like slave labor.

Yeah, it sort of is. But you can be darned sure DatWombat will take advantage of free labor! I asked him to draw Eedilyn, my impromptu mascot for the Wombat Trap. Be sure to check out his Twitter, and consider giving him a follow. The least I can do for his unpayed efforts is cough up an advert’ for his home front.

Check Wrizoe’s Twitter page and encourage him to draw more lewds.

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