Ask a Wombat! 001

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holasoiflair asks. . .
Is there a chance that we, your readers, get more pictures of you? Or is the Steam the only glimpse of you we’ll ever see? 

DatWombat says. . .

Good to see you back in my inbox! Well, I do plan on creating video content at some point, so I’m sure the lot of you will be blessed with my ugly mug in the near future. I will admit, my Steam profile image is a tad dated, but I often worry about disappointing my readers with my face and body — I wasn’t exactly born with the “premium package”, and instead I’ve got this weird looking snake down there! So to answer your question, yes, you, the readers, will get more pictures of me. . . probably when I’m living on my own and have more time to maintain a pretty face.

. . . bah, who am I kidding! I’m but a fugly-faced wombat!

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