Ask a Wombat! 011

Table of Contents

Leon asks. . .

I heard you were working on moving your stuff from Patreon to this website. Are you still working on that or did you finish that?

DatWombat says. . .

Uhh. . . I am. . . I was. I haven’t finished moving my content from Patreon to this website. I don’t have a good reason, I’m just a burnt-out wombat. It’s definitely something on my mind though!

Devilish Girl

Devilish Girl is a swippy-swappy puzzle with a satanic theme.

Love Puzzle

Love Puzzle is a lewd puzzle game.

Hot Hentai Puzzle Vol.1

Hot Hentai Puzzle Vol.1 is a lewd jigsaw puzzle game. . . with no hentai.

Witch Zoe – Hentai Shuffle (3/5★)

Witch Zoe – Hentai Shuffle is a lewd platforming game about a Zoe’s quest to save her lover, Eliot from the hands of the dark lord.