Ask a Wombat! 025

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Winston asks. . .

Have you looked into non Steam platforms for lewd games? Like GOG, Epic (ugh), etc.

DatWombat says. . .

I have reviewed games from Dlsite before, but I haven’t done much exploration away from Steam. Do “GOG” and Epic offer adult pornographic content? The nice thing about Steam is their lenience on indie adult games. Dlsite is a dedicated adult platform, so I have no problem finding worthwhile games from them — but I’m not sure where else to find worthwhile sex-games that people would be interested in. Steam offers a luxury some platforms fail to provide; they screen for viruses. I need to harden my security before pursuing other platforms, such as or independent publishers. Once I have a more stable living situation, I think I’ll be able to procure the extra hardware I’ll need to safely store and play non-Steam software.

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