Ask a Wombat! 064

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Winston asks. . .

I know it’s a little late but what did you think of the whole OnlyFans debacle?

DatWombat says. . .

I know nothing about said “debacle”. I vaguely remember watching the first minute or two of a video about OnlyFans banning adult content (LOL) or something, but that’s as much as I know. If they really were planning on banning adult content, I’d say that’s a pretty dumb idea. I think OnlyFans is a household name for porn at this point — no other user-based subscription service is as synonymous with sexual content. I’ve never payed attention to the platform though. I don’t think I will unless I can create some sort of content from doing so (but I’d probably be breaking ToS or something).

Princess & Conquest (3.5/5★)

Princess & Conquest is a lewd RPG about a knight that must unite princesses to prevent their self-destruction from their own conquests!

WISH – Paradise High (2/5★)

WISH – Paradise High is a lewd match-three game about one-night stands with various attractive Asian ladies.

The Elf’s Lewd Training

The Elf’s Lewd Training is a lewd clicker game about sexually abusing an elven queen to extort her secrets.