Ask a Wombat! 075

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LoliEnjoyer asks. . .

I’m typically a loli enjoyer. Does Tear and the Labrynth have as much loli ? Thankyou. After this I review, I most likely will still pick up this title.

DatWombat writes. . .

Ah, a loli enjoyer? I would have never guessed.

If memory serves, Tear and the Library of Labyrinths does not have much loli content. I think it’s just a side character that looks young, but isn’t technically “loli” — she just looks the part.

I wouldn’t recommend the game for loli content, but I felt obligated to mention it’s in the game since some people (believe it or not) aren’t loli enjoyers! Still, I remember it being a cut above the rest among Kagura Games offerings.

it’s been. . . fuck, three years? Since I played the game. Maybe I’d have a different opinion today, but I know three years ago I was impressed. It’d one of the few RPGs I played that actually makes sex integral to gameplay.

Now LoliEnjoyer, I have a question for you; do you have any loli recommendations for me? Games? Hentai? I’m asking for, uh, for a friend.

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