Office Love Affair (2/5★)

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Office Love Affair is a lewd collection of minigames about a man that finds work in an erotic toy company.

Adult Content?
(FxM) sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay: overview (2/5★)

Play assorted minigames between reading to unlock sex-scenes! There are four ladies to pursue, each of them with some dialogue and point-n’-clicker gameplay. The minigames are typically solved by drag-n’-dropping objects. Some of them are (bad) knock-offs of other games, which offer more action or puzzle-solving (such as dodging traffic, connecting water pipes or matching shapes).

Sexual Content: overview (3/5★)

There are four sex-scenes, each of them including dialogue and up to three animated CGs. The animations aren’t bad, but they are not usually shown in full. Rather, the camera is zoomed into “relevant” places. This wouldn’t be so bad if the animations weren’t so low resolution — they appear super-fuzzy when you look at them too close. When the camera isn’t screwing around, the sexual animations ain’t half-bad. Numerous spelling errors and unbelievable dialogue make the sex-scenes difficult to be “immersed” into.

Story: overview (2/5★)

You play as some guy in need of a job. One day, he receives a call from a “sex toy company”; they saw his credentials, and they want him to start working right away! Little does he know, the sex toy crew is full of lonely nymphomaniacs.

Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped out of college!

hungrykittystudio would have you to believe that each character has a distinct personality and exploitable weaknesses, but that’d be giving this game too much credit. I was going to quote their description for each character, but considering how little they matter I’d only be wasting space on my site.

Sound: overview (NA/5★)

I played this game muted. I won’t be judging it based on sound.

Visuals: overview (2/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely arranged and illustrated, but it’s not thematically appropriate. Given the setting of the story, you’d think the title would offer a look into the protagonist’s place of work. From “Settings”, you may adjust audio and language preferences. Interestingly, (what I presume to be) the “back” button reads “bake” — bake what hungrykittystudio?! On the topic of weirdly worded buttons, spelling errors are regular throughout the game. Nothing says “tech college” graduate like “Am I applied for a job?” From the “Gallery”, you may replace sex-scenes in full (complete with dialogue and vestigial, in-game UI!) I hated the way sex-scenes were conducted in the game, so I was pretty disappointed to see them butchered in the “gallery” as well. This game looks like a mash of coding and premade assets. The point-n’-click portions of gameplay generally offer consistent visuals, but sometimes I spotted discordant (or even blurry) images. The “minigames” between sex-scenes look like they were made out of premade code and sprites.

Verdict: too rough, too boring (2/5★)

I don’t recommend this game. The artwork is pretty decent, but it’s definitely not worth the effort. I decided to quit playing when it crashed for the third time — I’m not a fucking bug tester (not for games I payed for anyways). The minigames are incredibly monotonous. Oftentimes, I wasn’t sure if the game was broken, or if I did something wrong. Every time I completed a game, another jumped in its place. I felt like I was completing CAPTCHAs — yes I’m people, now let me play the game. It’s difficult to figure out what to do next. I found myself aimlessly clicking about the screen, hoping to progress the “story” and see the next sex-scene. Developers, please don’t use point-n-click progression to leverage gameplay by confusion. I think hungrykittystudio may have gotten too ambitious, taking “more mechanics are better” as a design approach. It’s clear Office Love Affair needs more time in the oven; until the minigames are removed (or improved) and crashes are tended to, I recommend that you don’t buy this game.

As of June 18th, added a “skip” button (or the “X” key) for minigames. To be honest, this is better solution than my suggestion to remove them (but worse than improving them). Remember kids, life’s about comprises!

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