Anime Artist 3: Harem

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Anime Artist 3: Harem is a lewd connect-the-dots/painting game-by-the-number game.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as DLC.


I remember playing Anime Artist 2: Lovely Danya when the Wombat Trap was in it’s infancy, and I kind of tore into it. The developers reached out to me, and they continually updated the game after our exchanged. Though Anime Artist 3: Harem is a little rough around the edges, I have no doubt the developers will take care of this game and respond to user-feedback!


Connect dots and paint by the (proverbial) numbers. Each level begins with a round of “connect the dots”, but there is no guide — the idea is to memorize and follow the shape of the completed image, though a little trial and error will be necessary. Following the dots is the painting portion, where you must select the appropriate colors and shades to populate the image with. Again, the idea is to recall the original image and choose accordingly. In “Challenge Mode”, your color palette is limited in uses, so it’s important to make the most out of your colors. If you get stuck, there’s a “Magic Brush” that does everything for you (but it’s usage is extremely limited.) In “Hot Mode”, you erase the clothes from the completed images (to uh, “relax”). You can use “Stars” earned by completing stages to unlock new outfits for the on-screen avatars (or nudity) — woot!

Let’s dive into room for improvement!

I think it would have been interesting if the player could use the wrong colors (forcing them to better-recall the colors and utilize the completion bar to determine their correctness.) This could be reserved for a “Super Challenge Mode”, and perhaps it could yield special stars to unlock rare-outfits. The “auto-complete” button is a positive inclusion to the game, and I think it justifies having super-hard modes; if players don’t want to put in work, they can literally skip it. I would have liked to have seen CGs that include the main characters, instead of an assortment of waifus. The animations are wonderful, and seeing the artists get down and dirty would have been a welcome addition!

Not much has changed since the last game, but I love the new characters!


There is no story (that I’m aware of). I could snake around the Steam store page and try to learn about each character, but I don’t think I should have to do that — if it’s not in the game, it probably isn’t important. A brief “bio” for each character would have sufficed.


The titlescreen is all fancy-smancy, with a hexagonal user-interface — I can dig it. From “Settings”, you may adjust audio, display, gameplay and language preferences. However, the characters’ voices cannot be toggled — this should be an option in the “Settings” menu. You can review CGs from the “Gallery”, but only lewd ones (if the lewd-DLC is installed). Overall, the user-interface is a delight to see and click-through: I loved the way the interface is incorporated as art supplies, such as drawing sketchpads, tablets and tables. Though sometimes it appears to be somewhat blurry or cluttered, it’s creativity is what I’d expect from a professional release. On a side note, the on-screen avatars interact with the mouse cursor and provide commentary and it’s awesome.

The Goods

There are twenty CGs to unlock, each with a nude variant (provided the lewd-DLC is installed). The artwork is high-quality, and the nudity is a welcome sight; however, don’t expect anything saucier than bare chests. The four selectable characters can also be made nude, but again there’s no lewdness to see (but tiddies!) Hey, if a woman is going to scold me for not connecting her dots, I’d rather she do so with butt-ass naked. . . who’s with me?


I do recommend this game, but only if you’re a fan of connecting dots and painting by numbers. Anime Artist 3: Harem isn’t an engaging game, but it’s a relaxing game with plenty of waifus to go around! With the DLC installed, there are forty levels for you to enjoy, and there’s nudity too (because everything’s better with tits!) If you’re on the prowl for sexy nakie ladies, Anime Artist 3: Harem won’t be a great fit your. . . purposes. However, this game is a clear improvement from the previous entry in the series, with new characters and lots of new art to share with them!

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