ЯR World Review (2.5/5★)

Table of Contents

ЯR World is a lewd collection of animations about RuRu’s sexual interactions with her “fans”!

Adult Content

(FxM) Sexual Content.


No. Woot! Woot!

Adult Patch


Table of Contents

Chapter I: Foreword

Chapter II: Gameplay

Chapter III: Sexual Content

Chapter IV: Story

Chapter V: Sound

Section I: Soundtrack

Section II: Voice Acting

Chapter VI: Visuals

Chapter VI: Verdict

Epilogue: Recommendations

Section I: Dialogue on Repeat

Section II: User-Interface

Chapter I: Foreword

I received a free copy of this game from the developer, Ruria Raw via Twitter. I am unfamiliar with ongoing development of this game; my review is only a snapshot of the game as it was sent to me.

Ruria Raw wrote, “I would like to do an infinite alpha, meaning that I will add new chapters and features every month (I have planned at least 10 episodes and only two are out). For now it’s only available on my Patreon, later (with at least 6 episodes ready) also on Steam.” (April 8th, 2022)

Chapter II: Gameplay (3/5★)

ЯR World is essentially an animated kinetic novel. The game is divided into “Chapters”, which include a page of dialogue and an animated sequence. There is no interaction beyond clicking the “next” arrow or toggling between prerendered content.

Chapter III: Sexual Content (3/5★)

ЯR World is pretty much all sex-scenes! After clicking the past the introductory page for each chapter, what’s next are a collection of animation loops focusing on RuRu, the main protagonist, and her “fans”. The animations are smooth and sexy — I enjoyed the careful attention to dicks and breasts. Ruria Raw did a great job animating faces, creating more believable interactions between characters. Unfortunately, my suspension of belief was lost when dialogue and moans were looped too predictably and quickly.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching spunk ooze from RuRu’s vagina, but her pussy looked a little janky during “CREAMPIE” shots. I imagine to make the physics work, Ruria Raw had to gape RuRu’s vagina to give cum effects more room to move around. Whatever the reason, her pussy appears to be held open by an invisible force whenever it’s full of cum.

Chapter IV: Story (2/5★)

The story between “Chapters” varies wildly. In Chapter 1, the main Protagonist RuRu screws her childhood friend (and horny fan!) Chapter 2 has no relation to Chapter 1; interested in a “big black cock” RuRu finds a some black guy among her fans to see if she can squeeze his wiener “all inside”. I have a feeling new chapters will be no less disjointed in plot and lacking in character development, but I appreciate the effort regardless.

Sound (3/5★)

Section I: Soundtrack

I enjoyed the the upbeat soundtrack. I especially enjoyed the music played on the main-menu; it’s a catchy humming number with a bubbly backing track. After hearing it once, it was already stuck in my head (but I didn’t mind!)

Section II: Voice Acting

To my surprise, ЯR World is fully voiced! However, the implementation is a little lazy. Most of the acting is frontloaded at the beginning of each Chapter with a huge word wall. Individual lines cannot be skipped or replayed — if you don’t read at the same pace the lines are played, the acting becomes more of a nuisance than a feature.

Chapter V: Visuals (2/5★)

The 3D models, for the most part, look great! The font and user-interface is bright and playful. However, beyond the main-menu it becomes highly intrusive. Blocking a large portion of each animation are one or more bright pink arrows for advancing the scene. The interface cannot be hidden. The “Options” menu is sincerely lacking in options — it only allows players to toggle between resolutions. Why can’t I adjust audio settings?

There’s also a “Gallery”, but it appears to be disabled in my copy of the game.

I noticed stretching textures around Ruru’s genital region. Assuming Ruria Raw uses Daz Studio, these visual errors are likely unavoidable without fixing RuRu’s textures by hand — or using a different vaginal graft entirely. RuRu’s hair regularly defies gravity, but I can tell Ruria Raw tried. Her hair is well animated within my suspected limitations.

Chapter VI: Verdict (2.5/5★)

ЯR World is a little rough. The artwork is unique, and the animation is pretty good — but the audio and UI need some work. However, Ruria Raw offers enough content on their Patreon it’s still worth a subscription. But If you’re not interested Ruria Raw‘s exclusive “images and webcomics”, I would wait for ЯR World to receive more updates before subscribing. Alternatively, you may want to wait until ЯR World is released on Steam.

Epilogue: Recommendations

Section I: Dialogue and Sex

I loved hearing dialogue during sex scenes. It makes the actors feel alive — but dialogue shouldn’t loop with animations (especially when they’re less than thirty seconds in length). It’s okay for moans to loop, because it’s more difficult to identify when they start repeating. Hearing “do you like your best friend’s pussy” every fifteen makes me never want to hear it again. If anyone has something to say, they should say it once — then, the animation should loop with no further dialogue.

Section II: User-Interface

ЯR World is most comparable to a visual novel, and thusly would benefit from basic VN features, which would address a lot of problems I had with the exposition dumps at the beginning of every Chapter. Visual novels portion out dialogue, allowing players to read (or listen) at their leisure. A visual novel interface would also help pad-out gameplay, making each new Chapter of ЯR World feel like more.

I think Ruria Raw could improve the UI and functionality of sex-scenes by taking some inspiration from the Sensual Adventures series (by Puppetmaster3dx).

By far, Puppetmaster3dx‘s games have stronger UI. They feature a wide variety of camera angles to flip between, and the speed of animations are adjustable. There is no need for “Slow Motion” or “Hard Fuck” buttons because a “Speed” slider is more versatile. More importantly, the user-interface is toggleable in Sensual Adventures games. In ЯR World, the action is always partly blocked by one or more oversized buttons.

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