Rescue Elves

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Rescue Elves is a lewd visual novel about a lonely man’s venture inside a video game. 


(Adult) Content?
Yes, male-on-female sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


. . . in a nutshell

Consult my article on visual novels.

out the shell. . .

Battles are decided by a matching minigame. You have a board which is covered in assorted, marked “stones”.  The goal is to find trios of matching stones. You are timed, and you have hit points (which are depleted with each incorrect selection). Enemies’ hit points are subtracted with each set of matching stones you find. 

Imagine if you took a deck of cards and tossed them on the floor. Now imagine trying to find three or four pairs of cards while being timed. 

. . . and that’s how battles are won in this universe. 


Kichiro is a social hermit who spends his time playing games. One day, he receives an invitation to beta test a new game called “Week in the Elf Village”. Kichiro smashes the “Download” button and soon finds himself in a strange setting. His room has disappeared, replaced by some stereotypical fantasy scene. He is approached by busty, elven healer named Yuko.

If it isn’t already clear, Kichiro is now in the game.

Yuko explains that her people have summoned a hero to defeat an evil witch. One-hundred years ago, she enslaved every man in her kingdom to punish the women for being beautiful. Apparently, women rely on men’s essence to give their magic strength. With the witch being in control of all the men, she became the new uncontested ruler.  After Yuko’s exposition, Kichiro is joined by Azumi, a royal guardswoman. They set off to fight the evil witch, but are confronted by a succubus.

She sics her wolves onto them, promptly defeated with little effort on Kichiro’s part.

For whatever reason, the Succubus becomes Kichiro’s slave after losing the battle. They share a moment, and the party of three camp for the remainder of the night. Later that night they are ambushed by a goblins, whom are quickly dispatched. With the ambush party thwarted and the ladies well rested, they continue the journey to the evil witch’s castle. 

After one more fight, it’s on to the final battle and ending.


The titlemenu and user interface look awful. From “Settings” you can adjust audio and language preferences. “Gallery” is what is what it sounds like, but unlocked CGs must be scrolled through one-by-one. The English translation is poor. The first sentence isn’t even a real sentence. 

Hikomori young guy.

. . . there is no mention of a Hikomori anywhere else in the story. The first “sentence”, and the writing has already failed.

The Goods

There are eight base, static CGs, with three or four variants a piece (showing the progression of sexual intercourse). Each can be fullscreened and are high-quality. All of the CGs display explicit sexual intercourse between Kichiro and his companions (or adversaries). They display cut-away views of the lady-bits and womb, to capture each creampie in its full glory. The sex scenes tied to the CGs are brief and poorly written. The user interface cannot be hidden (in-game or in-gallery).  Considering the quality of artwork, it’s a real shame.

. . . expect male-on-female (consensual) sexual intercourse.  


I don’t recommend this game, even if only for the CGs. The story is poorly written and too short. The game is buggy and lacks basic features all visual novels should have. Even if the English was fixed, I’d still wouldn’t recommend this game.

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