Tag: Match Three

Arrow Tourney Review (2/5★)

Arrow Tourney is a lewd match-three game about a young man’s battle against the Higher Races to prove humanity’s worthiness to be accepted in high society.

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Witch Story Review (2.5/5★)

Witch Story is a lewd match-three game about a pair of messengers ordered to bring the head of a witch; but how the tides are turned when she gives them head!

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Failed Adventurer (3.5/5★)

Failed Adventurer is a lewd “match three” game about a man with newfound demonic power on a rape-quest to extract vengeance from those who kicked him out of town!

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Last Standing (3.5/5★)

Last Standing is a lewd connect-three game about a man on a mission to “conquer” the queen’s heart (and her every warrior while’s he’s at it!)

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