My Breast Friend Sally

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My Breast Friend Sally My Breast Friend Sally is a lewd point-n’-clicker/visual novel about Sally, a lovely “moo girl”, and her crush with her caretaker Jimmy.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Forty-five minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Mash through text boxes and find hidden objects. While My Breast Friend Sally appears to be a non-linear game at first glance, the only player agency is the order at which events precede the protagonists’ copulation. All over the worldmap and each explorable screen are hidden objects, including unlockbale cosmetics and sex-scenes — so mash that mouse button while you’re at it. In the “Photobooth” mode, you can play “dress up” with the main character and all of the cosmetics you found.


Sally introduces herself as a “Moo Girl”, a busty waifu bred for the express purpose of fulfilling a cow’s duties but you know, be sexy too. She’s half-human, and half-animal — which begs the question how she was bred in the first place. She has a crush on the farm owner’s nephew, Jimmy. She wants to turn him into her very own man, and she eagerly awaits the day it’s his turn to milk her. After she is pestered by Dash, big-buff stallion, the game is turned over the player.

After searching for hidden objects on the world map, I hit up the horse stable.

Inside, Fiona mumbles about needing a pair of pliers. She’s a super-busty country girl, and she’s in charge of Dash’s needs. As I hunted for her pliers, I stumbled upon Jimmy’s work place. Fiona gushes at his muscles, and later that night she catches him masturbating. Seeing him spill his milk over a photo of Fiona sends Sally into a masturbatory frenzy.

After seeing Sallys sticky muff, I wanted to enter a masturbatory frenzy too!

The next day, I decided to hit-up old man Ed’s residence. As he snores on his porch, his cat-girl Eva laments that the farm life is too boring for her, and that her owner doesn’t play with her anymore. After pissing off a talking chicken, I managed to wake up Ed to so that he could “play” with his bored kitten. The sex-scene that ensued was super hot, and probably my favorite in the game. Mission completed, I returned to the horse stable and found Fiona’s pliers. She celebrates with a “helping hand” for Dash.

Judging by Fiona’s knockers, you’d think she would be the one giving the milk on the farm!

Later, Sally’s off to get milked for the first time by Jimmy. Her ample breast leaves him nearly speechless, but he manages to get the job done. . . though, not without consequences. His raging boner floors him, and with a nice medicinal boob job he’s back in good health. As a matter of fact, he’s in such good health, he gains the energy to mount Sally’s hairy muff again and again until the two lay on the floor, naked and exhausted.

. . . and that’s when the game ends, with the silhouette of Sally’s owner looming over their sticky bodies — uh oh!


Though I deeply enjoyed Sally’s spread on the titlescreen, I thought the main-menu looked a bit inappropriate — it looks like it belongs to some sort of mobile application. You can adjust audio and text preferences from the “Options” menu. You can dress-up an image of Sally from the “Photobooth”, and view unlocked CGs from the “Gallery”. The interface is hidden in the Gallery, and it can be hidden in-game at anytime.

The Goods

There are seven unlockable sex-scenes, and twenty-four base CGs. While most of the CGs are included in the sex-scenes, there are a number of bonus content that is either hidden or unlocked after beating the game. You can unlock up to twenty-five cosmetics for the Photobooth, where you can dress-up Sally with an array of kinky attires; however, there is only a single pose to play with in the Photobooth. The sexual content is focused on pet-play, milking, and enormous breasts. The artwork is ridiculously hot, and I absolutely loved the excess milk and bodily fluids!


I definitely recommend this game! There’s tons of lewd content to see, and the artwork is simply mmph! However, there is a distinct lack of gameplay and storytelling; with that in mind, you are paying a premium for a premium gallery, with a teense bit of story connecting each image. If you’re on the look-out for an engaging story, you’ll by disappointed by the lack of playtime My Breast Friend Sally has to offer. You won’t be disappointed by the artwork, however. While I think this game is worth the money, I would consider waiting for a decent sale.

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