football girl

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football girl is a puzzle game where you must guide a ball by drawing-in the level.


(Adult) Content?
No. . . ?


Hours of Gameplay?
Thirty minutes. . . ?

Modding Support?

Patch Available?


Guide a soccer ball to a goal. You are able to draw obstacles and ramps using a “magic pencil”. Your ink is unlimited, so don’t be afraid to get creative! The levels aren’t always able to be completed with a single stroke; sometimes it is necessary whip-up a impromptu roller coaster or several platforms to guide the ball. Before starting a new game, you may customize your waifu. After beating the game, you can talk her — she asks for an obscene amount of money, but it just keeps going higher.

In other words, it appears to be that football girl cannot be beat!


I think you’re trying-out for a soccer school and trying to get into a cute girl’s pants. . . I think?


The titlescreen looks okay, but it’s unclear what each icon does. You can adjust audio and language preferences from the gearbox icon. The “play” and “upload” icons are used for playing the game; the upload icon seems to change in usage after beating the game. The dialogue is slow and painful, and often cut-off. The game will sometimes fade to new scenes before dialogue has a chance to finish rendering.

The Goods

I am unsure if this game is supposed to have adult content or not. This looks like a game with sexual content, but I didn’t see anything (and the developers have not provided a patch.)


I don’t recommend this game — wait for updates. I couldn’t be bothered to complete this game. football girl is terrible. The gameplay is unrefined, and dialogue is clearly broken. This game should have been refined before release. I feel like I’ve been pranked. If this is a game that looks interesting to you, I’d wait for the developers to fix the bugs and release a patch (if this is in fact, an adult game.)

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