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ISEKAI QUEST is a lewd match-three game about a man that finds himself in fantasy world (with a mission to build his harem!)


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Two or three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as DLC.


The core gameplay isn’t too different from similar titles; most color pieces provide damage, and green pieces heal. If you connect rows of four or more, you’ll will create jewels which (when broken) provide boosted damage (or heals) and magic (which is used for your skills.) “Quests” will periodically spawn, which can only be eliminated by having them reach the bottom. In addition, each opponent has a special ability which alters (or replaces) pieces on the board (such as “poison” or immovable pieces). Upon completion, they will reduce your opponents’ defense (by removing her clothes) and net gold pieces. After each match you may choose an upgrade from a randomized assortment (which can be “rerolled” with gold). You have to beat each opponent three times in a row to fill their respective “Love Meter” to unlock their respective CGs. Be sure to stock up on ISEKAI COMDOMs from the Shop; CONDOMS are essential for unlocking all the CGs.

If you die, all Love Meters are reset, but you retain unlocked CGs and upgrades. . . phew!

I died seven times before I was able to unlock my first CG. Now, I’m no pro — but I’ve played my share of match-three games, and ISEKAI QUEST is really hard (until you start stocking up on upgrades.) Each consecutive level gets harder, and harder, until (chances are) you’ll die and the difficulty of each opponent will default to the lowest difficulty setting. I suspect this feature is intended to prevent high-level players from “farming” upgrades too rapidly. I challenged Maphy first, and her “poison” mechanic was absolutely brutal until I was able to compete with her damage output using high magic regeneration and an upgraded healing spell.

. . . yes, this is a game you can play one-handed!


The protagonist represents you (and you’re a man whether you like it or not.) On your way to the store, you are ran over by a rogue truck. When you awake, it doesn’t take you long to realize that’s you’ve entered an “Isekai” — a fantasy world which you have entered purely by accident — and you’re all too familiar with your situation. Realizing that you’ve entered an Isekai world, with no hesitation you arm yourself and pursue your harem.

He is (or you are) the most meta protagonist I’ve ever played!


The titlescreen looks great! Overall, I was super-impressed by the user-interface. ISEKAI QUEST looks and feels like a professional application, complete with lots of flashy effects that are candy to the eyes. You can adjust audio, display and language preferences from the “gearbox” icon. A gallery can be accessed in-game from the level-select screen. Unfortunately, the user-interface cannot be hidden when viewing CGs.

The Goods

There are ten animated CGs to unlock, four of which are interactive and five more akin to textless sex-scenes. In addition, each opponent can be partially stripped by completing “Quests”. The interactive CGs allow you to “touch” and undress your subjects. Each character has one or more sex-scenes, which you click on a pair of arrows to progress the scene as desired. The artwork is beautiful, and I loved the painterly style. The CGs are not rendered to completely fill a widescreen, though they fill the majority. Most of the scenes show casual sex between the protagonist and his adversaries, with BDSM sprinkled about.


I definitely recommend this game, one-hundred percent! I had a lot of fun playing ISEKAI QUEST, and it reminds me somewhat of another game called Mirror. At the moment, there are only four opponents to fight, but there appears to be an extra three in the works. While I think this game is worth full price, you may consider waiting for a sale or updates. While the amount of sexual content is on-par for the price, the playtime is somewhat lacking. ISEKAI QUEST is an above-average match-three game, and if you don’t mind working for your lewds you’ll definitely like this game.

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