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Noun: Slider-puzzle; Plural Noun: Slider-puzzles A type of puzzle that is solved by “sliding” one or more pieces on a playing board. Slider puzzles start with an image, which is subsequently divided into tiles, and (traditionally) the bottom-right tile is removed from

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Noun: Point-n’-clicker; Plural Noun: Point-n’-clickers Point-n’-clickers are games played with the mouse, and generally based on observation and hidden objects. Otherwise called a “point-‘n-click” game, point-‘n-clickers are games based on acute observation and puzzle solving. They are seldom action packed, instead granting

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Memory Puzzle

Noun: Memory Puzzle; Plural Noun: Memory Puzzles Memory Puzzles are games that are based on turning over and “matching” pairs of face-down cards.

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Noun: shovelware; Plural Noun: shovelware A “cookie cutter” game that is part of a series which heavily reuses assets or code.“Since Steam allowed the sale of adult-games, the Store has been flooded with shovelware.” Also called “cookie-cutter” games, “shovelware” describes two or more games

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Noun: memeware; Plural Noun: memeware “Memeware” are (traditionally) low-effort shovelware intended to be issued as “gag gifts” or to streamed (for comedic effect).“Dude, stop sending me memeware!” Memeware are synonymous with asset-flips and shovelware. They are videogames that are traditionally written to

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