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Noun: Slider-puzzle; Plural Noun: Slider-puzzles

A type of puzzle that is solved by “sliding” one or more pieces on a playing board.

Slider puzzles start with an image, which is subsequently divided into tiles, and (traditionally) the bottom-right tile is removed from the board. This allows the pieces to be “slid” around the playing board. The tiles are then scrambled. To solve the puzzle, the user must slide the pieces into the correct positions to unscramble the image. The difficulty of these puzzles is decided by the number of tiles, timers, and special conditions. In some games, the tile which is removed is randomized, exercising your knowledge of slider puzzles.

These sorts of puzzles come hand-in-hand with swippy-swappy puzzles, populating the “adult” market by the hundreds. Slider puzzles are grueling if you don’t know how to solve them, and boring once you do. You should (almost) always solve the top row first, and then a side row. Rinse and repeat, and eventually solving the puzzle will be as easy as rotating the remaining tiles into place.

Slider-puzzles are very, very easy to solve if you know how. . . If you don’t know how to solve them, you’re in for a very bad time.

DatWombat, review for Hentai Honeys Slider

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