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Noun: memeware; Plural Noun: memeware

“Memeware” are (traditionally) low-effort shovelware intended to be issued as “gag gifts” or to streamed (for comedic effect).
“Dude, stop sending me memeware!”

Memeware are synonymous with asset-flips and shovelware. They are videogames that are traditionally written to be intentionally bad. That is, non-existent story, shoddy controls, and terrible programming. Oftentimes, the story can be told from start-to-finish with one or two sentences. . . and that’s on a good day. Memeware is almost always created using pre-built assets and code — once you’ve played a few memeware, you’ve played them all. There’s a handful of Unity assets that are floating about which seem to make their way into every memeware — the way that developers smash discordant assets invokes pain to my eyes.

The only good thing about memeware is that it’s usually dirt-cheap. Problem being, an actual bag of dirt would be way more fun.

Memeware are plagued by poor optimization — they often draw one-hundred percent of system resources, causing temperatures to reach critical levels. Though a handful of memeware offer vertical syncing and/or frame limits, they seldom work. If you must play memeware, I recommend employing a FPS limiter. FPS limiters will help maintain a safe temperature for you rig, preventing throttling and possible damage to your hardware. I use the in-built limiter that comes packaged with Nvidia Control Panel — since I’ve started capping framerates, my PC no longer BSODs from memeware.

Before you ask, yes I know Alienwares aren’t the best at thermal management. But my PC looks like flying saucer! Worth it.

Don’t even buy [them] as a joke or a “meme”. . . buy yourself a real treat.
Like Mountain Dew. Mm, mm!

DatWombat, review for Amazon Girls

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